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I super enjoyed Shovel Knight and I thought it felt immensely enthusiastic and full of love. Hell, I’d have been happy to play a ____ Knight expansion for the whole gang.

That being said, with The Messenger still fresh a Ninja Gaiden-y vibe doesn’t really have the same luster I’m sure they’d like. To me though, they’ve already earned a supporter for whatever they come out with.

(I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed nothing came of their poll asking for what kind of game people wanted to see next and included an option for “Landstalker clone”)


Yeah Plague Knight is really good, definitely a cut above original Shovel Knight and Specter Knight, even though I for one enjoyed those as well. I’d recommend anyone picking up the game for the first time play Plague Knight first.


Shovel Knight is an inarguable modern classic and I feel dumb for having ignored it for as long as I did.

How much, if at all, are any of the Shovel Knights devs directly involved with Cyber Shadow? Looks cool. Looks real cool.

Lots of dark+/techno ninja ether synergy going on sekiro nioh 2 the messenger cyber shadow bleeding over into contra and blazing chrome everybody getting real gritty and slashy


honestly getting more a shatterhand vibe from this than ninja gaiden

it looks so much better than shovel knight. I don’t hate shovel knight, I just think it’s boring. I thought plague knight was boring, too!

die mad about it!!




I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shovel knight. it’s very polished, good looking, well made. I just felt nothing after playing the whole thing. maybe I’m the real monster here :(


i loved Shovel Knight, and this new one looks like a great cross between Ninja Gaiden and Contra. i’m here for it.

I still haven’t played The Messenger, even though it seems like i might like it, but i was off hearing about how long and drawn out it sounded


not sure about “announce everything the week after GDC” but I’m game


oh jeez it’s got not-tom hardy who I couldn’t stand in anything I saw him in until quarry. I think the facial hair helped so it’s good he’s got that here


The Messenger is just OK. It has some really odd flaws, for example there are basically just 5 enemy types reused over and over with not even a palette swap. This will probably be better


no papa


A year or two ago they got in contact with a guy (MekaSkull) who had been working solo on this game for about a decade. Yatch Club looks like they’re acting as publisher, though it sounds like they’re assisting some on the design side of things as well.

I doubt this is the game they chose to make based off of that market research survey a couple years back.


yeah I gave it a look and it really just reaffirmed my pity for devolver-attached projects

I don’t know what their producers’ deal is, everything comes out undercooked


though I guess that’s only as bad as annapurna where everything comes out overcooked


See this is weird to me because Plague Knight is a bizarre lateral step from Shovel Knight and, to me, is most enjoyable in that context. But I guess if you only have time for one, that would probably be the best one

Spectre Knight can scythe-surf though so that’s a plus


Ha, interesting connection. Yeah the average Devolver and Annapurna games represent opposite ways of achieving “fine, but somehow lacking substance”


Yeah but I’m assuming it’s obvious enough from Plague Knight itself + other videogame context just what it is that it’s riffing off of, even without having played Shovel Knight. Hmm, I am inadvertently rephrasing the “Shovel Knight is boring” argument. Plague Knight has something new to say not only about Shovel Knight but about videogames in general, whereas Shovel Knight was content to be a platonic ideal of already existing games.


okay that’s a good call, i’m with you now


I think it’s as simple as ‘B+ is really hard to hit already’

If your game is hot fire you’ll know it and won’t need a publisher’s help; if it’s better than 99% of everything else it still probably won’t make a dent and you just had ‘potential’


Agreed. I also can sense those publishers pick games with some serious passion, talent, effort and imagination that goes into them. That’s why I’ve played many of them in the first place and had the opportunity to feel slightly disappointed in the end.