The News Grandmaster 4000




holy shit i just looked this up and it looks like a gamer webcomic


dialogue like one, too


Is this gonna be the world’s first bare handed fishing game? Or maybe there’s one set in the wild during a salmon run hurr hurr


New Cyan Games KS. Rand Miller drops “friction” in an actionbutton way.




Yeah man that’s the point I’m trying to make


So is Kinect confirmed for this or what?


I think enough time has passed since my so-so feelings on Wolf 2 that I’m ready to run around Paris as BJ’s southern fried kids.

Also sounds like they had Arkane pitch in, which oughta be pretty good!


yes yes yes

sooner than expected


Besides all the FUCKING, that’s a cool trailer. Carpenter Brut didn’t hurt. I still liked Wolf 2 even if the level design was a lot weaker than 1 so I’m definitely on board.


Hell yeah, hypest trailer of 2019 for that alone! I just wish that Carpenter Brut, Mega Drive and Perturbator are all going to be in Cyberpunk 2077. Mega Drive being my fave. Synthwave needs to make it big time


The new ps+ games are The Surge and Conan Exiles, oof

Glad I didn’t buy another year while it was on sale


I could fuck with The Surge for an hour or two I think



wow this looks very good

but i am of the opinion that shovel knight was very good so


(it was and all you haters are just that)


we fought the nazis alongside the black panthers just to bring back the fbi?


I feel bad I don’t like Shovel Knight! Especially because by all indications I should love it. Something about it just feels…off. Unenthusiastic. It’s hard to put into words.

And this trailer gives me the exact same vibe. Gorgeous, technically perfect, just ever so slightly…sterile despite all attempts to not be?


I felt the same way, though I admittedly liked the Plague Knight expansion a lot more. I found it a lot more interesting and compelling overall, (maybe mostly cause I liked moving around in it more).

That said, I kinda dig the looks of this. I feel like the kind of genre of NES-era platformer this one’s riffing isn’t as thoroughly homaged as that which Shovel Knight did. So I’m interested.