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netflix is objectively shit for film buffs, and increasingly useless for movies of any sort, so I’m not sure what your point is. buy the apple service all you want?


My point is that Netflix was a smashing success because the vast majority of people don’t give a rat’s ass about the issues those film buffs got their underoos in a twist over.

If they indeed work as advertised, then the success of these services is going to come down to two things, and only two.

1: “is my internet connection fast enough?”
2: “Is the price of the service worth the amount of content it gives me access to”


Yeah, I think you underestimate value and availability as reasons people play games next to historical importance and long-term cachet. People want to play the games that are popular, then they fade, then they do the same with the next hot thing. I don’t think collectors and hoarders are a significant demographic.

Microsoft is about to start selling an Xbox One without a disc drive; Steam ate physical PC releases a decade ago and nobody minded. I think we’ll find games players are more like regular consumers than not.


“have you heard of terminals? what if we told you you could hack them? not so fast bucko it gets tricky” like some kind of theoretically perfected enthusiasm killer


the next hot thing in movies takes 90 minutes to watch, the next hot thing in video games takes 50-100 hours to play, and appeals to a comparatively narrow demographic. there is a big step between not owning a physical copy of a game and full on games-as-service. I’ve not seen anyone clamor for the later as their primary means of playing video games, and gamers in general put up heavy resistance to any change in the way they play games. they are resistant to installing different launchers, buying from different stores, piecemeal pricing patterns, required online connections, closed platforms.

netflix/spotify/et al. gained traction by appealing to the kinds of people who do not play video games. I don’t know what you’re going to sell to those people.


So did the Wii


yeah, and they bought wii sports because it seemed novel at parties. google and apple are trotting out doom, assassins creed, hironobu sakaguchi, platinum games, a sequel to a 25 year old adventure game – who is the market? netflix killed blockbuster because people didn’t like to drive to watch a movie when they didn’t have to, that’s about it. gamers are already used to being locked into ‘ecosystems’ that they are invested in. how many of them are going to pay money for the privilege to leave those things behind? I don’t need google to play doom, and if I’m interested in it chances are I’ve already invested money in one of the 4 other ways I can play that game.


I think the successful story looks more like the one Sony and Microsoft are telling (Microsoft especially): buy the box or have a PC. Instead of buying the first-party titles, just subscribe to the service for $15/month or less. Hey, you can play the entire exclusives stable forever for cheap! Then gradually they put more exclusives up. Then they get legacy titles, then they get 3rd party titles rotating in and out. Then it’d be stupid to have their box and not do the subscription.

Watch Microsoft’s plan for their next console to see the most serious attempt at this, they’re really going to be pushing it and with a lot more know-how than Apple and Google bring.


god I fucking wish


games with gold is different to the other services, since you get to keep the games even if you stop subscribing. or at least, that’s how it was before my second 360 died
but if i got another one, or an xbone, i’d be able to re-download and play all those games i got for free in like 2011-2016 (unless they changed it or some of the games were taken down or something)


looking forward to the immense success of stadia followed by a hyper-compressed version of netflix being splintered off into studio (and even more agonizingly grim, fucking sub-brand) specific streaming services happening with game publishers. competition is always good for consumers. yes, i see this happening even with the server farm element of game streaming


Yeah, that’s still true, but only works with 360 games (or backwards compatible 360 games); native Xbone games go away when your subscription lapses.


Article 13/11 passed.

EU posters, please expect a mail from administration concerning your meme tax registration.


The countries still have to implement that individually though, right? I feel like Austria really doesn’t give a shit about copyright, so I don’t know how much is going to change… But with the kind of right wing government we have right now everything (bad) is possible


this is looking weirdly austere and asset farm-y despite the interesting art direction but I think the effect is actually of getting closer to the good old days of remedy corridor shooters, like the levels are boxy as hell and the protagonist just floats around them, so that might actually play to its strengths?

certainly more excited about this than any remedy game in a dog’s age, hope the gating isn’t too heavy handed


Asset farm-y is the last thing I want to think about Remedy since I’ve always found their environment design one of the best things about them, but if the gameplay is strong enough to balance it I won’t mind as much!


garbage trailer. i kept waiting for that wicked bassline to kick in

and it never did.




Press X to Murder Deagol


they talk a big game

but they make Deponia, whose art is only suitable for the Worst Images thread