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yeah fuck subscriptions


Shoutout to all the GamerGate choads who bought a lifetime dlc subscription for FleetCOMM


My entire experience with apple products is that one time I played the Daedalus Encounter on a cousin’s mac back in the 90s. And making a photo with a girl’s iphone when she handed it to me. I’m not going to start with apple at this point in my life, not even for videogames


I wonder how successful this will be at resurrecting the mobile ‘crafted experience’ market – the games Apple favors, like Monument Valley, Sword & Sworcery; the kind people once thought the tablet format would support but have mostly been crushed as the market refines to various types of endless F2P number machines.

Looking at a list like,

Beyond a Steel Sky (a sequel to Revolution Software’s beloved sci-fi point-and-clicker Beneath a Steel Sky), Little Orpheus from The Chinese Room, Sayonara Wild Hearts from Simogo, Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava, WayForward’s Spidersaurs, Finji’s Overland, Abzû developer Giant Squid’s The Pathless, Sonic Racing, and more

these are all titles that people want to see on tablets and phones but would have a hard time even justifying a port these days



wonder what they’d even do for a Black Knight 3


One weird standout from that slide of Apple Arcade partners: Platinum Games.

Have they even done any mobile stuff before?


If people want to see what gaming on Apple stuff was like in the late 80s and 90s, check out this hip YouTube channel!!!


Yeah, they made World of Demons last year. Sounds like it got shut down pretty quickly. I didn’t even realize it actually came out!


the problem here is people are inclined to fire-and-forget movies and binge watch TV shows, but gamers are very big on 1) collecting and owning things, and/or 2) playing things long term. literally no one gives a fuck about not being able to access shit movie B when their netflix sub lapses, or when netflix arbitrarily decide to remove it a month later. the second that shit happens with video games some angry nerds are going to find a woman to blame it on. there are other problems, of course, but those are the large mainstream obstacles.

unless they’re just after turning mom and dad’s occasional mobile game dalliances into another reliable $15 a month. good luck.


The PS Plus games, Microsoft Games With Gold, Playstation Now streaming service, and Microsoft Games Pass have gone down pretty well. I think behavior will change just as record-buying and DVD-buying behavior did.

Not that I prefer it that way, of course.


nedge I just wanted you to know I heard about this WoW Classic thing and I am absolutely, 100% playing it when it comes out




why, I thought you hate wow


I guess that’s true. well, I don’t know about playstation now, but the others have had some success. but they are also positioned as optional bonuses, rather than as the primary method of playing/buying games on those systems. they all more or less started as a way to add value to necessary online services. you want to play games online on your xbox or psWhatever, you need to purchase an added service. I think that’s bullshit and I never paid for it on any system. it’s one of the main reasons I ended up as an exclusive PC kind of guy. but most people were ok with paying for those services. then they got games with them. isn’t that still how gold/plus work? I don’t even know. you still have to pay for online features, but now you get games? and it is vitally important that these services are not the only way to play those games on those systems. you can buy them just as well. game pass is the next step, and I’m unsure how successful that’s been for microsoft. I know game pass cycles games out. imagine if it continued to cycle games out and microsoft announced that it would be the only way to play games on its next system. completely unfeasible.


Yeah that’s the clumsy joke I was making but I think it wasn’t obvious enough or people don’t know the stainless steel rat books. I haven’t even read them, it’s just such a memorable name


on a related note, I’m really surprised valve doesn’t offer a curated $10/$15 a month game pass feature of its own. or imagine this, from their perspective: a series of game pass options, each one curated by a variety of the top steam curators (ie, youtubers). yeah, they’d have to work it out with publishers, but I can imagine most of them would see it as a boone.


now you know why this isn’t a thing


I think the streaming services are ultimately going to be pitched to parents who want to let their kids play video games but don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year on hardware and actually buying the games.

At least that’s the audience I see who would actually want this kind of service.


Imagine a bunch of serious po-faced Film Buffs sitting around dusting their museum of 35mm reels, scoffing at the announcement of Netflix.

“It’ll never take off. You don’t even OWN any of the films you watch!”