The News Grandmaster 4000


Most of the eccentric famous Japanese designers I know are obvious about their drug use in the same way I learned privileged Americans can be obvious about it. Privilege obviously buys an expectation that you can get away with this in Japan just the same, but I don’t know if it’s luck or some cultural line you have to cross to bring the hammer down.


The tileset looks nice. Looks like it’ll finally be playable for me.


Plus it’ll have workshop support, so hopefully mods will be super easy to install. And then maybe somebody can give it a usable interface?? doubt it

It’s been >10 years since I last played Dwarf Fortress for longer than 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to this.


i didnt know i could like denki groove more but here i am



@ ishino and taki, make baito hell 2020 and put it on itchio, minigame where you have to sell crack to sega characters


I love it when developers take advantage of Steam’s few freeform text boxes to subvert expected information.


Also, your regular reminder that the devs will receive a greater cut of your purchase if you buy it on itch:


oh shit they are adding music too huh?? I hope it’s in the same vein as the original song, that thing is…incredible


Did Kitfox buy Dwarf Fortress or absorb the team or something? When did they get attached to it?


Who owns Dwarf Fortress now?
Nobody bought or sold anything. Bay 12 Games still owns Dwarf Fortress and all of its branding and properties. Kitfox will get a portion of revenue from Steam and, for funding the new art and music and assisting with the Steam and launches.


Ok cool, essentially producers then. Thanks!



what if a game was neon blue and purple

(but seriously this looks good)


I’ve always been curious about Dwarf Fortress, but I guess not curious enough to read every page of a wiki or whatever was required just to get started. I hope the new graphical version is a little more accessible so I can finally try it out.

The full version of Baba Is You was released today on and Steam.

The old demo version is very clever (and still available):


Good Is Baba



It’s rather impressive how stubbornly those boys have remained outsiders even as their game has become more and more influential over a decade. They’re the closest the US has to the enigmatic doujin creator who spurns all fame and fortune, and they’re real sweet in person.


And the thing is they don’t even get a lot of respect, as influential as their game is. They get called autistic a lot. Which, I don’t know, maybe they openly are, I don’t know anything about them, but it’s always with a negative connotation. But I guess everyone who’s not like everyone else is getting that kind of low key hate, so nothing new there.


That’s just sad