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I admittedly never got to play Halo 2 online, but Reach is just DMR: The Game. 343 even worsened that situation by making most playlists start you off with the DMR, and there’s never any reason to not have the DMR. It feels good, but it gets real old, and I played late in the game’s life cycle where half the maps in rotation were Forge World edits and all that gray really wears on you, especially since there’s only 6 maps for 4v4 otherwise (and nobody bought the DLC ones). I could believe that Reach is a better online game than 2 due to general technical improvement, for sure, but we’ll see when they’re both selectable in the MCC.

However, I played both their campaigns, and 2 has much tighter enemy placement and variety in settings, whereas Reach has many pointless first-person cutscenes and much dead space between fights (which also don’t really exploit the full space), and general Infinity Ward-wannabe limpness.


oh geez well don’t play halo 2 online then lol

(I loved halo 2 online but it is even more BR: The Game than Reach was DMR: The Game)


I always got the feeling Halo had trouble reacting to Modern Warfare making the hot new gun accurate, long-range rifles. Halo’s armory is built around the limitations of analog stick auto-aim and by the time they realized expectations of precision feel had moved on they were stuck trying to shift over iconic weapons.

Destiny is absolutely post-Modern Warfare and feels great in the hand because it is built around lovely rifles as the primary weapon.


I doubt that. these games are pretty old. if I recall, this thing has one button press to go back to old visuals, right? that has to help.


If they actually shitcan the game because of this I will be livid, simply livid.


Probably more likely it will get delayed while they scrub his existence from the game

Does Japan give the same sort of response for other kinds of misconduct or is it unique to drug use?


I can’t imagine that severe a reaction but idk how Japan is with drugs


Zero tolerance and you are unpersoned on the first offense


how harmonious


They are already doing it on the Yak4 re-release for Tanimura’s actor


like it sounds like I’m being flippant but


Yeah do not go to Japan if you want to also do recreational drugs


if pierre taki (whoever the fuck that may be) happens to enjoy some of that white dahlia on his own time, then that’s pierre taki’s fuckin’ business, not mine, and wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever on my enjoyment of a game.

here’s a lol pierre taki uses drugs DQ meme a composer i follow reblogged:


If that’s the Pierre Taki I do know, then he’s part of the electric duo Denki Groove, and i’d be surprised if he DIDN’T take something to come up with the stuff they put out.


meanwhile, Rurouni Kenshin guy is given a fine for possesion of child pornography


Yep, and now Sony Music has completely ended sales of their music physically and digitally:


It is indeed the same person, according to Kotaku.


is this the guy they removed from yakuza:


I remember smelling pot once on the top floor of Nakano Broadway and being surprised that anyone could be so bold.

I knew a couple kids during study abroad who admitted privately to doing drugs in Japan and, man, I just wouldn’t wanna take that risk. You’d never be allowed back in.

Know a handful of Japanese folks who do a lot of pot when they visit America.

Yeah, everyone drops you like you’re literal cancer. Something worse than cancer, really. As an American, it’s completely incomprehensible to me. No company will ever admit to ever having once liked you.

The only person I can think of who’s actually made something of a public comeback is Okamura Yasuyuki, who’s been busted a handful of times in the 2000s. I’m not sure what makes him special.


it’s … just … cocaine