The News Grandmaster 4000


Holy shit how did I not know Yamashita and Takeuchi were married??

Wild that there’s no Yamashita on this collection. I have probably listened to the entirety of Ride on Time a thousand times now.


it’s surely licensing, they wouldn’t just throw away sales on the first international comp for crate digger cred


It’s always licensing


Forget it Jake. It’s licensing.


And of course it’s got that sweet (I think) Hiroshi Nagai artwork, was beach melancholia en vogue at the time?

I wanna watch Sonatine now.


Reach and CE first even


I guess this’ll be a good excuse to see what halo was like after the first one. Is ODST in there? I was interested in the setup on that one.


Holy shit, I never would have guessed it’d come to Steam in a million years.


Fuck yes.

Reach firefight!


What’s that?


It’s the wave-based survival co-op mode in Halo Reach and it just happens to be my favorite.


Sounds neat. Bungie was good at coop stuff back in the day, I at least have to give them that. If that was still Bungie, anyway

I’ll certainly give the Halo series another spin when this comes along


Funny that Microsoft is loosening up on their custom store at the same time everyone else is jumping back to their own store outlets

There’s some sort of time warp around Redmond


It’s not even an Epic store exclusive! That’s the trend right now, get with the times





Mildly bummed out that they ported Reach Firefight and not ODST Firefight (mucho superior) but as long as there’s segregated matchmaking for controller players (which would be me) and they don’t fuck everything up again somehow then this will become my whole life.

edit: I just realized how purpose-defeating it is, from a multiplayer perspective, that they’re doing a per-title rollout and purchase. This means matchmaking will be segregated by ownership more harshly over time and most people will only have Reach (the worst Halo game imo). A major point of the MCC’s vision was to provide mixtape playlists of all the games, to switch between each one fluidly from match to match, and that won’t be feasible now.


Man gonna definitely have to update the vid card. Dammit.


I think they’re releasing it like a live game, and to emphasize the strengths of their subscription service. Their optimal customer profile is probably, ‘subscribes to Xbox Live Gold and participates in Halo multiplayer as it is released’.

Steam release confuses that but it may well be a competing Microsoft push to make PC first-class.


The distance in weapon tuning between Halo 2 (mushy dual wielding and everything is less accurate except the burst rifle) and Reach (DMR cadence feels gorgeous in the hand) alone makes this a head scratcher.