The News Grandmaster 4000


Fucking drag them.

All the way yes.


New Shenmue 3 trailer!

Something about this game screams Unreal Engine and I don’t know what it is, but when it got to the final frame, it was indeed powered by Unreal Engine.

Animations still look chunky, lip-sync looks real bad, but tbh I don’t really care about any of that. IMO the only thing that can sell me on Shenmue 3 is what non-plot critical goofy stuff I can do, and Yakuza has raised the bar so high for pointless diversions that I doubt this will ever reach it.


it looks like an xbox 360 game.


If I was Yu Suzuki I would put on my best fake apology voice and delay this game another year to hide a fully fleshed out Virtua Fighter 6 in this as a 2p NPC battle mode.

at all the ensuing shenmue 3 esports tourneys they have to first load up a save game and walk to the town center and skip some dialog


how many times do you think miyamoto and yu suzuki have hung out?


why would suzuki hang out with that nerd


I think it looks good enough. And I’m somehow really excited for the Shenmue fighting system in the Unreal engine! Can’t wait to play it. Time to finally get to the bottom of this murder revenge mystery


I’ve told my story of hanging out with Yu Suzuki at GDC? He was with the 8-4 guys as translators and minders but was mostly checked out; when we went to a Chinese restaurant for a Japanese devs event he spent the night fielding business card requests from very shy Japanese devs and failing to hide his exhaustion. I think he liked hanging out with Americans because he’d barely have to talk to them



oh hell yes





interesting. was wondering when someone would capitalize on this trend


kind of weird to see plastic love not on it, but I trust light in the attic to curate something like this well


isn’t plastic love some weird youtube algorithm curiosity?


Light in the Attic has already shown themselves to be very knowledgeable about this period of Japanese music, with their excellent Haruomi Hosono reissues and an impressive compilation of Japanese ambient and new age music. I’m very interested in what they’ll put together for this!


it is, but it also slaps


I was expecting this to be mostly names I was familiar with, but it’s mostly not! That’s more people for me to check out!


yamashita and takeuchi are a peerless power couple and tats is the undisputed king himself alone but say goodbye is maybe the most crystallized perfect work

cool jacket design on the light in the attic comp

face records has a shop in nyc now and everything costs like fifty bucks there