The News Grandmaster 4000


it’s a medium budget sci-fi channel show of a game but i’m into that kinda shit because Space Lesbians. if you liked ME3’s combat, it’s that + jetpacks. the bad morality system is gone so you have more choices than “righteous bore” or “sociopathic racist”. the RPG character building stuff is totally freeform and largely an improvement over ME3. the multiplayer is fun, tho i doubt anyone really plays it anymore

i think Gamers are just bitter about 3’s ending and the facial animation bugs that were fixed like 2 weeks after launch. imo it’s baffling that anyone who enjoyed the series would hate it


disclaimer: i have terrible taste


in fairness they’d largely fixed this by 3, it’s one of several reasons I like it so much better than the prior two (in addition to “no nonstop pacing killing hacking puzzles”)

anyway I only tried like an hour of Andromeda but I found it very “do whatever, waste your own time, we don’t care” in the mold of inquisition where 3 was like a real tight JRPG


the writing was an eternal horror that is largely repeated in Anthem, as abrasive as the worst of Ubisoft’s sins to me

here it comes:
it almost reads like a Microsoft Corporation



i liked inquisition, so this tracks

both suffer hard from Map Fulla Icons and could do with a little more direction


If you’re coming from an “I like Inquisition ok” perspective, a game I truly loathed, then yeah I think I made the right choice to skip it. Your post still does make it sound pretty good though…



They’re really trying to sell Turok for $20 on the switch huh
oh shit it’s that price on steam


Which Turok?


it’s like a modernized port of the N64 version

when I first saw news of it I thought it was the actual original N64 game and was hopeful for a brief second that it meant possibly more N64 games

but alas


its the n64 game with higher resolution and way farther draw distance







Is this how I get my user handle subtitle name thing what’s it called


It’s yours for as long as you want it~


Sometimes, the stupid things I think of while at work become reality


I asked the co-creator of Toejam & Earl about the Matt Conn thing, and here is the response


So yeah, Toejam & Earl sucks now!


Fuckin’ cancelled.


should i retweet it saying “Oh, okay, cool, so how much below minimum wage are you paying your employees?”