The News Grandmaster 4000


I mean, it’s the main thing that keeps me working full time for a big company, because as shitty as my health insurance is (I’m like already halfway to my 3500 dollar deductible for this year, oh boy!), it’s better than living without it, fuck.


:drudgesiren: :drudgesiren:

please shove this game directly into my spine and veins, thanks



Finally, a use for those Steam Links I bought when Valve was dumping them


Epic found some use for Steam too:



Pierre Taki was also the Japanese voice for Frozen’s Olaf so Squeenix have announced that they will just patch in a new voice for him now in Kingdom Hearts 3??


the voice of a snowman does coke… fuck…



This looks so sweet. It’s like what I thought LucasArts point and click adventures would evolve into but it never happened. Like Monkey Island meets Another World/Out of this World.

3D was a mistake


I built a wheelhouse and someone put this game directly in it



Seems like Valve lost out to a Chinese mobile publisher re: Auto Chess. I’m super interested to see how this goes. I’ve been enjoying this game hugely. It scratches a few different itches for me, but predominantly it’s the way that it uncompromisingly feels like a wc3 mod which makes it shine most.


I really appreciate that they’re working on a self-contained mobile game because I don’t have 20 GB to waste on a Dota 2 install


-bug fix

i do like the game a lot


I would take great symmetric, ordered pleasure if a new popular genre was created as a mod inside of a game which grew as a mod inside another game


I already take great pleasure in the fact that Valve couldn’t snap up a popular multiplayer mod made in a game of theirs


They’re clearly all-hands-on-deck for Artifact 2.0, which will finally vindicate me as a complete human being along with all my financial and emotional investments from here to eternity. It’s coming… any… day… now…


oh look it’s me re: Tribes Ascend circa 2015


fucked up this doesn’t end with slo mo on hitler’s exploding testicles :expressionless: