The News Grandmaster 4000


The follow up to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold we always needed


what kind of rich parents shit is this


net artist i worked with once and pal Molly Soda has made a vidya game


oh come on, this looks neat


as an adjunct art school prof, my job is probably going to get replaced by the sequel to this game within 5 years.


This stuff always impressed me. I always thought it was an absurd amount of tedious work redoing old windows/Netscape etc interfaces.


The secret is depression + an ADHD med prescription >:-)


Anything is possible under the southern cross



There is a rumor going round, Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch.
I hope the rumor is true, and the game has slopes.

Maybe I’ll finally get around to buying a Switch.


Mario Maker 2 is the only game I’ll preorder this year if it is available to




I am saying this in a lighthearted way but I mean it very sincerely

If Mario Maker 2 allows you to make levels that are entirely about vertical ascending / descending (rather than horizontal scrolling) a la Mario 3 5-2, 5-9, 7-1, etc, I will have no choice but to buy this game and whatever system it is on

I just want to make “Fly Guy” in Mario’s world


Wow, I haven’t thought about Fly guy in ages! What a great flash game that was.


I can’t even start thinking about a wishlist for Mario Maker 2 because I’ll inevitably create the Perfect Mario Maker in my head and be disappointed by the reality.

Better to let it surprise me.



My wish list for Mario Maker 2.

  • Placeable water tiles
  • Slopes of some kind.

I know slopes are hard but even hard premade slope parts would be acceptable. I want to make a level about make a rhythm with the land. Know when to gas and when to coast.


I doubt the Titanfall 2 bump will last, but hell yeah it’s time to go back in there.


Robert Yang deserves better.


i hate that suda51 is right about unity in that it is scary that its in the hands of an ex-electronic arts CEO.

but theres nothing you can probably do other than infiltrate the industry yourself and start unions, maybe get john riccitiello cancelled for something im sure he does all the time

suda51 only hates unity because shadows of the damned didnt get a sequel nvm actually