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Wish I could read the old actionbutton review of ME2 I wrote and update it with my Objectively True Opinions on ME3


Rise from your grave.



in a more just world dragon’s dogma 2 would have revealed itself to be an elaborate dmc prequel 40% through the game


Sparda = Dark Arisen Type Thang?

(I still need to complete that try as I might fatiguing adventure)


What the fuck was that game they showed at the PS4 reveal that never came out?


deep down?


That’s the one!


Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno apparently considered making Dragon’s Dogma 2 rather than Devil May Cry 5, as reported in a recent interview.

This is how I’m feeling internally after reading Dragon’s Dogma got passed over for fucking Devil May Cry.


holy crap i havent thought about that video since high school


For the three people who are still jazzed about Dropmix - apparently the latest cards have Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga,” which seems like an insanely good choice.


I have been frothing over Dropmix since it came out but haven’t yet had the chance to pick it up. Still waiting for the syzygy of available-funds-vs-sale-price.


Wait, they’re still putting out cards for Dropmix?



Well, Fangamer basically just reached into my wallet and plucked out $40.

Where’s the dumb purchases thread when you need it.


Yeah, surprisingly enough. Seems they’re skipping the little card packs this time for the big sets, though I could be wrong.


I’m okay with that. CCG-style selling for this game sucks.


This was me today with the Streets of Rage 2 reissue on Data Discs.



Also up on itch:

Slightly more expensive, but comes with an Android version as well, and developers often get a much better cut of sales on itch.


Oh shit it’s my childhood dream game mashup of Privateer and Doom (well, this looks a little more Wolf3D but I’ll take it)