The News Grandmaster 4000


It sucks


Well I don’t like how restricted the emotional and pacing landscape is in typical competitive shooters! Frantic all the time gets old




Blood potion for that notion.


Battle Royale is a good format and I’m too old to play it - I will literally have a heart attack next time I’m in the top 10 in PUBG


If you die in real life you die in the game


A while back I tried Fortnite’s casual mode (or whatever it’s called) to get a feel for the controls and try to wrap my head around the building stuff.

The game dropped me with two other kids, who went off on their own, making friends with one another. Cute stuff! Until they remembered I was also in the game, and they decided to switch teams so they could hunt me down.

What I’m getting at is - hunkering down in a fortified trailer as two little kids start ripping down the buildings around you, their voices and footsteps getting louder, announcing they’re gonna kill you. It’s a trip.


I don’t have much else to add about Battle Royale other than it’s a shame there’ll probably never be a game directly based on that property, for obvious and wildly problematic reasons.


i mean i have a wild plan for it definitely featuring children but it wont be a video game and who wants to crowdfund a private island


Having a BR game starring teenagers would be sick AF


for certain values of sick


The World Ends With You Online


a battle royale game but it’s just that level from drakengard where you murder countless cursed children


That’s why you want Day Z back.

I don’t really think “competitive multiplayer shooter” is the space for a broad “emotional and pacing landscape,” it’s kind of like asking for a drag race that respects your circadian rhythms


Oh, I do prefer DayZ to the stripped-down popular bastardization, but I can respect the virtues that survive in the bastardization the same way I respect Mass Effect 2 but don’t really like it next to the sprawling, overeager ME1.


read the essay I haven’t written yet about how Mass Effect is the reification of neoliberal capitalism in video games


I ended up deleting the post I made earlier today analogizing something by way of my scheme of the prototypical action game schism between Nintendo’s tight, clean, considered designs and Sega’s exuberant, bursting, messy designs. It’s the true Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy we live with.

I reconsidered things


Sega…messy? Can you unpack that because I really can’t see it.


I’d actually would love to see a take on the original Battle Royale concept with all the teenage schoolkids, but have it as a semi-open world single player game with predefined characters who each have their own narrative. something like…Siren?


Sure – more enemies, obstacles, and stuff fills the screen than can be dealt with. The player is expected to manage the situation but not perfect the situation. The game is wild with micro-options but does not divulge a true option.

See: Mario’s constrained, pathed levels next to Sonic’s multi-tier expanses. Space Harrier and Galaxy Force next to, well, everyone’s 2D shooters (really, most all of the Super Scalar games). You can even extend it to late period Sega: Shenmue’s maximalism, regardless of player needs.

It’s not intended as pejorative, just an observation.