The News Grandmaster 4000


I definitely experienced this from the side of a player who’s been a real head from the first beta in February 2014. The demo/free weekend/beta periods are just regular players running circles around the fresh blood and (probably) turning them off. They had to take out the parkour and snowballing kill streaks to make it work for this audience.

I can report that it still feels good and feels like MW!


and the multi isn’t outsourced this time, got a bit of a froth on


Hoo boy wow that’s some real awful bummer news to wake up to.

Guess I’ll download this thing and play it but, uh, damn. Lemme scrawl Titanfall 3 next to Sunset Overdrive 2 on my little crushed dreams game list.

(Guess this is where I either hope people flock back to Titanfall 2 or finally take the time to learn Siege? Oh well.)


Looking at people playing it on Twitch and it sure looks like all the guns and shooting from Titanfall 2 with all the “crouch in a bush or next to a rock and pick people off from as far away as possible while popping health syringes as the circle closes” that’s as far from Titanfall 2’s pace as I can imagine.



I wouldn’t discount it based on the pacing. The whole point of BR is the withholding of excitement. That sounds negative, but it’s probably the genre’s best positive. See: stealth games


I wonder how much this is EA hoping to get a Battle Royale followup ASAP by asking multiple teams to do it, anticipating delays (Battlefield’s hasn’t launched yet, right? I heard it underperformed this year but I haven’t heard an explanation other than “consumer sentiment towards EA” which, ??? Compared to who, Activision?). I didn’t see them funding Titanfall 3 in any circumstance, and Source really is very creaky these days, despite TF2’s timeless art direction.

Respawn is also working on a Star Wars game which definitely has single-player, and newly split studios have a habit of calling resources back to go all-in on an important project (and with the death of B games, they’re all make-or-break projects).


Above or below Barkley 2?


Above, never actually beat Barkley 1 :frowning:

Barkley 2 has my $20, but Titanfall 3, that had my hope.

(Anyway cornball mourning aside, the more I watch of this game the more it looks OK, but seeing as I can rarely play stuff squad style it’s kinda null and void anyhow)


I imagine from EA’s point of view if there is like a 20% chance that this game gains 1/3rd the audience of Fortnite, it was worth the investment.





DubiousTag on Origin if anyone wants to squad up for Radical Heights 2 Apex Legends; gonna post impressions after some hours.


The logic of a thousand World of Warcraft follow-one

and a million FarmVilles

and a billion FlappyBirds

EA should be smart enough now to know they can’t capture a piece of that; I read Battle Royale modes in Battlefield and Call of Duty and Counter Strike: GO more as defensive, to guard against erosion if it’s The True Future of Shooters

But I don’t see any other way to read this Respawn project,


There’s some hindsight bias in your argument. We now know WoW was “the final” MMO, but that was not self-evident at the time and might not even have been true if Blizzard hadn’t been able to sustain the pace of expansions.

Here’s an article from 2 years ago claiming PubG is the WoW of battle royales:


Otoh, this game doesn’t have janky building mechanics, runs at a consistent FPS, doesn’t have massive server lag, and the shooting feels good. The UI is slick and streamlined, and it provides a ton of nice communication shortcuts. Technically and mechanically it seems significantly better than PUBG or Fortnite.

I just wish there was something compelling about it! The abilities are sort of cool, but not really groundbreaking. And I’m not sure forcing 3 person squads qualifies as an innovation. Maybe it’ll be interesting eventually as they enhance it over time?

Honestly it might be too slick? The rough edges are actually pretty charming in PUBG, at least they were for a while.

I’ve won 3 out of the 5 games I’ve played; I don’t remember everyone being so bad at FPSes.


This immediately makes me think of PUBGMobile and secret bots.


there are so many of these

Counterstrike is doing it, Housemarque is doing it, Call of Duty is doing it

This trend is going to consume what, like, two years and as many midsize studios?


i wonder if when whatever critical mass of twelve year olds discover just how lame fortnight is it will take all of streaming down with it


I’d endorse this game 100% if it had Titans. I’d probably even settle for wall running and air jumping, tbh.


This is fair but I am pretty sure that both Titanfalls also pissed a lot of money away. Making a battle royal game at this point feels like a questionable business move, but really their next game should have been something different anyways if their intention was to at some point actually make money.