The News Grandmaster 4000


$120 US?

Fuck right off.


What I really want is someone with good art direction to take control of one of these projects and make an original goddamn game seriously wtf is this garbo


you mean like a whole new ip based around building platform stages, like little big planet, but hopefully less charmless?

that’d be cool


Does anybody remember that game which’s crowdfunding campaign failed that looked like a real charming Super Mario Bros thing but with some more Bonk-like weirdness to it with bright poppy pixel art starring two very Mario-esque portly dudes but they were carpenters instead I think?


Are you thinking of Buck & Miles by Astrojone?

Their website says it’s still in the works:


Yes! Did not know they were still making it even so, neat.


real nonsense you are spouting


Extremely conflicted about Apex Legends but a) it’s free and b) you can play as the chappie with an emoticon on its chest like a teletubby so I’m in.



Can’t decide if deadpan quoting Titanfall’s cheesiest shonen-ass line of dialogue is a sign that the tone won’t be awful.


no idea how this is supposed to be anything more than pissing money away but oh well, I sure got a lot of enjoyment out of titanfall 2


Schreier at Kotaku said this was a stopgap because post-acquisition someone decided their Source fork was too dated and they needed to move Titanfall 3 to a new engine. Very concerning for that game, but hopefully this one lands some kind of audience and EA doesn’t claim two victims this year.


parsing that statement makes me keenly aware of how seldom I expect people who have delivered a game I like to deliver another one

like it’s somehow incubating in people’s minds from that point forward


Frostbite forever.


sure, why not?

except TF2 already looked fantastic especially with the textures cranked all the way up but frostbite seems perfectly capable

running like ~8GB of textures seems to go a long way in general, I always thought SUPER HIGH RES TEXTURE PACKS looked gross back when it was like, 2GB of textures on DX9 models, but it’s consistently good looking in modern games


I remember a story from when Need For Speed moved to Frostbite, where apparently playable entities need a “gun” object assigned to them to be valid, so…

… there’s a Need for Speed where all the cars technically have guns.

It’s hilarious to me that “gun” would be hard-coded into an engine as a requirement.


it must’ve gotten better since then, the recent FIFAs are really great





I mean I think the main problem with their value proposition at this point then is that their pitch to their existing audience is now “if you liked our last game, this is almost certainly a little worse, but we sure did make it!” and their pitch to a new audience is “we, too, have made fortnite” and neither of those are super compelling

at least siege continues to be bafflingly well-managed and the new doom looks like it’s for real