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Guess this is pretty much confirmed. I just dunno how much draw “Titanfall, but no Titans or parkour, and it’s Battle Royale” has.

Still…hmm. Titanfall is very good, so.


So you play as a pilot but no parkour? :thinking:

I am so conflicted.


No Titan? No parkour?

What even makes it Titanfall, then?


Hmm, maybe the best case scenario is that the game is good.

Maybe the second best case scenario is that people go “Oh shit, yeah, Titanfall 2” and the servers repopulate again.






::valleyboy voice:: “Daaaamn, Mario, back at it again with the white coats!”


what the fuck? why? i’d at least want to play as bill murray.


Epic apparently threw a peaceful live concert with Marshmello in Fortnite Battle Royale


Oh god, apparently Titanfall 3 was so, so close. Why does EA have to destroy everything it touches.



what is the deal with using discord to make wikis real skinner no it is the children feelings


SMBX already exists though


Multiverse, X, Unimaker, Maker; there is room for all flavors of collaborative Mario creation tool kits, let them rain from the heavens and through and from all their successes and failures and diversions and inventions may we find our way as a people to the collective, and as individuals to each of our own, Mario truths


We are making a sequel, and we’re calling it… WitchWay.

That might be a little confusing. But hopefully if you’re reading this, you can stick with me as I explain:

  • We’ve always wanted to make a Deluxe Edition . We took a break after release, and as we received a lot feedback from people, what this Deluxe Edition entailed has kept changing. We always wanted to address some design issues, improve and add small features… and now that we are ready to work on it again, it made sense for us to start over and bring in some totally new ideas. We are now also using Game Maker Studio 2 ; a lot of code would need to be rewritten anyway.

  • is a small audience, and it’s the only platform WitchWay ever released on. This new game is planned to release on Nintendo Switch and ( whatever-major-PC-platform-is-cool-in-2020) . Calling the new game WitchWay 2 might confuse more people?


Q. So what happens to (the old WitchWay)?

Currently the plan is to refer to it as WitchWay Classic . This makes the most sense to us, as Celeste Classic is an example that comes to mind. It will still be available to buy and download, and will remain the only place you can get it .

However, I want people to be on board first before we go ahead with this. (Maybe it can be called ItchWay …)

Q. Can you tell us more about (the new WitchWay)?

Soon, probably in a separate post! It’s still early in development and there’s a lot of work to do, but there are some cool ideas planned. I’m excited about it!

The comments are open, so let us know what you think, or if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!

  • Andy :two_hearts:

P.S You can get WitchWay Classic for 50% off this week! Click here to check out the sale!


Xbox Live is coming to Switch and mobile phones??

Seems like it’s in an effort to allow crossplay with as many games across as many possible platforms. Also come with all the friends list, clans and party making features as well as ACHIEVEMENTS. So if anybody was bummed about Nintendo not having any (except for that brief time when bunch of Wii-games had their own in-game Challenge lists that was sort of the same thing?) you can now just earn Xbox achievements in them instead.

Very interested to know what a new Xbox version would even be at this point.


seems like this is another step in operation “put gamepass on everything so people just subscribe to it like netflix, netflix makes a bunch of money”. i haven’t tried gamepass myself but if the streaming tech is good i’m for it i guess



That ended up better than expected but “new game on retro console” isn’t even a novelty now.


Sign Me Up for Tiny Unplayable Real Arcade Cabinets. You know what makes Centipede and Tempest better?? Squinting and controls fit for Ralph The Mouse that goes to school.


Oh, whew, it includes a rom of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

I’d hate for my Figmas not to be able to use Fei Long.