The News Grandmaster 4000


Gimmick! is coming out on this.



What a time to be alive




I played Fallen Angels on an arcade machine a few weeks ago and honestly I’m always disappointed because it kind of sucks.

It does look kind of insane, though, and I do love video game characters in bomber jackets



Since I see this thing on twitter three times a week you’d think would show y’all this already.


this is nice, I’d kickstarted it then spent two years thinking “am I really in the mood for this sequel already” so I guess I’ll play it now


My partner is a giant Sunless Sea fanatic. She just started playing Sunless Skies and she is loving it so far.


Fuck I haven’t even messed with the submarine dlc from the first one yet

Reading that I’m not sure I’m going to like the changes in the writing called out in the review. I sort of liked how everything was a sparse snippet.


yeah I was wondering what might’ve changed as a result of kennedy leaving to work on cultist simulator and that makes sense but this is all sounding very positive

not sure how I’ll feel about combat not being a resource slog nightmare either because I expect that I will be too good at it for the old game balance to work but we’ll see


Once I found a groove I really liked the combat in the previous game, it never stopped being tense.


I’ve been playing Battletech and, yeah, it’s not Dragonfall but it still has a really nice cadence to it that’s really good for my ADD right now. It really is the right game in the right place. Just enough writing that I feel like I’m playing a story-game, but not enough that I start to glaze over and lose interest, and I can pop in and out in 30 minute chunks

Combat’s a bit on the easy side, as usual, but it’s a lot more compelling to blow limbs off robots and kill the pilot by shaking them around and the like then to just shoot people until their health runs out.


I should really give that another shot sometime, the first half hour made such a bad impression on me at launch

entire turns spent arbitrarily lining up my guys on the map in anticipation of nothing, tryhard narrative framing, lots of stuttering when playing off a hard drive, slugfest tutorializing

if I hadn’t kickstarted it I’d have refunded it and forgotten forever


I was really tempted to refund it, especially after those loading times, but, as I said, it’s very much the exact game I need right now.

I’ll say right now that it sticks too close to TT rules for how few mechs you can have and that’s kind of absurd. I’ll get what I can only assume are randomly generated missions where I have to kill one (1) mech and it’ll take 3 turns of my whole crew shooting and punching them around.


Oh, I posted in the wrong thread whooops

Anyways, I guess what I’m saying is that the game is kind of bad but it’s also Battletech which owns and it’s nice to play a turn-based strategy game that isn’t a fucking roughlite or has base building or whatever the fuck people on kickstarter think is fun these days.


Actually Battletech is a good game and we don’t need to hedge our praise for it



Something they added was career mode that lets you just freely do merc stuff instead of the story, which is indeed just meh even by BT standards, especially since they canned the plan that would have let you choose which side to work for. Also nice is career mode actually assigns difficulty and generates encounters based on where you are, so you don’t end up with the story mode issue of this periphery backwater (remembering that the entire periphery is already a backwater relative to everything else) swarming with assault mechs.

Technically there’s no limit on the table as to how big a force you can bring (beyond the battle value limits agreed on by the players beforehand of course), it’s just a matter of practicality both in time and space that the game doesn’t scale well when you get above company level. Which is what Battleforce and now Alpha Strike are for. Though sometimes dedicated groups might hook up over a long weekend and hammer out a battalion or even regimental scale thing over a few days.

But yeah, the unit limit is pretty dumb and is one of the biggest problems the game has, like they made systems that give you good cause to bring lights to use for spotting and harassment, but as opposition gets heavier/more numerous you really can’t afford to leave a member of the lance just spotting. If you could actually use all 12 mechs you can have sitting at the ready you could actually run a dedicated recon lance back by a battle lance and fire lance or such, but nope.


it’s advertised as Windows only but, surprise, the Wargroove release on Steam downloads and plays on Mac.