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Champion was extremely good, they overhauled the right stick punching to make it more nuanced, it was the first of EA’s sports game story mode experiments and quite a good one, and they sold all the different game modes individually on PSN for like $5-10 each so if you only wanted the story and the basic local multi like me it was super cheap.

Anyway I tried this newest RPCS3 build and it’s a huge improvement but due to threading issues audio is a disaster on a machine with fewer than 6 cores. Everything else pretty much works though – any game that’s not a noted PS3 technical showcase works at its native framerate and at as high a resolution as you want with only minor fluctuations – so I hope that’s fixable as the codebase matures


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also the charged wave beam was useless but looked cool as hell

I remember pasting a couple pirates on that first approach into the mines where there’s no save until you get the power bombs and then being extremely out of ammo but it was worth it

maybe it was technically more useful than not in the final boss fight? but definitely not otherwise


Retro Studios has almost entirely cycled through staff since the original Metroid Prime right? I feel like even back during Prime 2 and 3 they’d already lost a few key folks behind the original.

I’ve heard very promising things about Tropical Freeze, and the idea of a company with a track record of taking older game designs and remixing them is probably perfect for making a new Metroid at this point, honestly.


yeah I was gonna say I don’t think anyone at all is left, if it wasn’t a new company in 2009 it definitely is now

Plus new Doom was already a pretty good heir to metroid prime, certainly the closest there’s been


why does it have to be “metroid prime 4” though, give us a new vision

give us a super sentai crossover sponsored by haim saban

it’s morphin’ ball

unskippable cutaway to kraid and ridley charging down some mountains in the middle of nowhere every time you use it


the last franchise is in captivity


Draygon Chronicles 2: Big Spoon


bring :clap: back :clap: the :clap: avatar


I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people at Retro who worked on Prime 3 have moved on by now tbh.

…now that I think of it, what the heck has Retro been working on since Tropical Freeze in 2014? There’s got to be some cancelled game in there, or did New Funky Mode really require that much time?


grappling for love in all the beam places


Metroid Prime 2 was kinda bad due to being the most lock & key game I may have ever played, but Other M was downright broken in certain respects and was a narrative disaster so at this point I’m willing to risk the former if it means avoiding the latter.


im glad my late 2000s era neogaf post could have started this all


that’s fair but I don’t think team ninja was involved with the one that just got scrapped


I believe it was rumored to be a random Bandai/Namco team as opposed to Team Ninja, but my poorly stated point is that after that trainwreck and seemingly another in-production one that had to be scrapped I am fine handing it off to a team that while not without flaws is at least likely to stabilize things and whose floor is probably “let down” as opposed to “what in the hell were they even thinking”.

Like I haven’t put time into Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze but Returns was pretty solid, the team for the most part seems to have a solid enough grasp on things. Solid would be the best the series has managed in about 15 or so years. Solid hopefully means that they or another team would get another shot within the next decade, based on history another disappointment would mean that another console team wouldn’t get a shot at it until sometime in the Twenty-Thirties.


Dead in Bermuda is basically one of those games where you’re juggling meters. Hunger, depression, fatigue, relationships between characters, levels of aptitude in various skills. Mixing in some RNG with having to balance all these decisions is a bit cruel, and the game is a bit tedious. The encounters that occasionally happen spice things up a bit, and the characters develop in some somewhat unexpected directions but I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to figure out how to min/max everything so the group can survive.

Ah shit I posted in the wrong thread


Rain World is incredibly rewarding.


EXA-Arcadia a new maybe modern arcade board system that has been in the works for two years sounds incredibly ambitious and is going to burn out but bless it for trying like anything to do with modern arcades.

It’s getting Fallen Angels. No not that one this one:

One of the best games to find at Tokyo Joyland in Akiba on a cold day in 2015 and just stare at going what the fuck is that?


Oh my lord this is cartridge based what is wrong with them?


fallen angels has one of the coolest artstyles of any 2d fighter. that prerendered background shit is sick