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The Wii controls actually made a first-person game work well.

I had a lot of fun with it.

Therefore, good.


as a long-time Metroid fanatic, I felt Prime 1 was a bit of a disappointment.

Also I thought 2 was the best one. 3 was okay but nothing special

Also this is all just me remembering my responses to each one at the time, because I remember almost nothing from any of them specifically. Maybe I should get that Wii trilogy and replay them.


The controls were tight, agreed, but then they put them in Prime 1 anyway so play that instead
I don’t even think Prime 1 has aged especially well but at least it attempts interesting level design


And who can forget such memorable Prime 3 characters as

Extruded Protoss Meat Product

Zordon from Power Rangers

Completely Unparseable Collection of Acute Angles

The Kid from Julien Donkey Boy Except a Jellyfish


Master Chief’s Dad


Prime 1 is the only memorable game in the series. I actually admire the way the controls work in it. It would not have been as good as a standard twin stick style game. The level design feels like Metroid should, but in 3D. There is a satisfying sense of exploration and discovery. The visor/scanning system broke a lot of new ground for 3D adventure games at the time and was copied by so many games of its era.

Prime 2 had good moments but was so forgettable and generic feeling. It just felt like some random early 2000s action game with the Metroid brand slapped on.


Prime 3 is the game that made me realize that I personally didn’t like point-to-aim controls in an FPS because they make it so you aren’t allowed to rest your pointer hand when you’re not activitely aiming without having your character stare at their feet and spin aound slowly. It gets annoying imo.

I did try to play it in earnest once, but I quit after the opening level for that reason.


Playing the Metroid Prime Collection today is a bit tough when you

  1. Don’t own either the Wii (limited release) or WiiU versions
  2. Don’t own a WiiU to buy it digitally
  3. Don’t have an emulation-capable PC.


I just pirated it for my hacked Wii and so should everyone else


I ain’t got time to hack no Wii


Besides, you know what those WiiMote need? AA batteries. Do I look wealthy enough to afford AA batteries to you?



Metroid Prime 1 is my favorite way to play Super Metroid


Metroid Prime 1 has an amazing first third, an okay middle, and an atrocious last third. I hated it so much that I stopped playing and watched the rest of the game on YouTube (I played it for the first time last year).

I never played the second. The only thing I remember from the third is the cool sky palace planet, and also the fact that it really felt like they wanted to make something that wasn’t Metroid.


I do remember thinking that having the wrecked ship, even if it wasn’t its own zone, was a bit much


I am sad the new Housemarque is a Battle Royale because it means they are probably going to go out of business soon. At least it looks more interesting than most.

Really sad Nex Machina didn’t do well for them, it’s one of my favourite arcade games in years.


I think I agree, though maybe I don’t feel it that strenuously (as we’ve established I’m not overly concerned with 5+ hour games sticking the ending), but the core of exploration and combat and world construction works a lot better for me than Super Metroid; once we’ve made the concession that the world is no longer all that hostile or mazelike I think the richness of Metroid Prime’s production is an asset.

And yeah, Metroid Prime 2 appears unclear of what it wants to be and only barely squeaks by through doubling down on level design, absent of context; the mechanics get into squirrelly complex nooks that give them problems to solve but aren’t asked for or elegant in any way.


I thought the last third was fine but definitely saddled by the increase in “action” oriented stuff that didn’t fit the engine very well.

Prime 2 was basically an entire game of that, minus any magic that the first had.


This is the only time the Prime series actually felt like Metroid, to me. The rest just felt like “what would a generic bargain-bin me-too action game based on a non-gamer’s first impressions of the Halo box art look like?”


Sure, it was spatial complexity – the stacked light/dark world and circuitous routes – but when that’s combined with an automap and roughly nonthreatening world it feels more tedious to me.


Yeah, I can see that, and I think that’s the problem they were trying to solve by making the beams have limited ammo, but I don’t recall ever having ammo problems at any point in the game, so maybe they could have balanced that a little better