The News Grandmaster 4000


Games were a mistake.


I’d actually really like to see the original Japanese for what Shimbori said.


I hope they integrate this into the difficulty ranks as well:

  • light sexism
  • normal sexism
  • professional sexism (unlocked after beating normal sexism)
  • give me dead or alive


I’m too young to sexism
hey, not too sexist
sexism me plenty
ultra sexism
sexist nightmare


The defining innovation of the next decade of gaming will be a “sexism” slider tucked into the settings menu right between “invert y-look” and the blood splatter toggle.


dead or alive 2 had that


The only real deciding ingredient in the alchemy of game development is finally “continuity of franchise maintenance”


Could a collection of Nintendo Individuals assemble Good Game under This Name? Unpossible! They need Name for Many Try to build up Big Steam!


Fucked up that gabe newell stole the copyright on building steam from Nintendo and now they can never again have to the tools to develop the Good Gams :frowning:


Sounds like it was through a live interpreter so there’s probably no record of it. This is why live interpretation is a real difficult tightrope act. The interpreter used the contextually appropriate word “sexist” since that’s what the conversation was about, and it came out with sharp, undiplomatic implications. And this is videogames, now imagine how tough it is to interpret at the UN


i wasn’t saying it was good it’s just that there was literally no way nintendo didn’t end up doing something like this because their internal development processes are A Certain Way

they clearly have no idea what they want to do to and they couldn’t even be bothered to internally develop a remake of one of their own games

like even the idea of the way mp4 was weird because it was just saying Here’s Proof We’ve Got Thing You Like


Please Applaud We’re Giving You The Metroids You Liked Back



Yeah sorry count me as someone who still has faith in Retro, and if Nintendo felt so badly about their progress that they straight up handed over the reins I don’t think there’s some unreleased revelation sitting on a hard drive in Japan.


certainly if a game is canceled but development continues I think it’s almost always that the game wasn’t very good


I can’t believe other m was almost ten years ago


Prime 3 sucked so much


Counterpoint: Prime 3 was good actually.


counter counter- Prime 3 was super forgettable and the only thing i remember about it was seeing a side by side comparison of Samus’ helmet-less face at the end of all 3 Primes and noticing how worse it got as it went on


I always forget how unbelievably well they made that reveal work in the first one

she looked Right