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Upon reflection, given that nobody cared about Titanfall anyway, setting this in the Titanfall universe is the most questionable move. They’re already having to explain about why no Titans, and the explanation is approximately “since we needed balance, we decided to throw out the joy”


The uncomfortable answer is, “so we can reuse art direction, concepts, worldbuilding, maybe even assets”


“does this spark balance?”


Battle Royale: After the Titanfall of Man


I’m gonna try to be very positive about this extremely worrying product because I don’t want Respawn Entertainment to die



at this point, Respawn is making EA’s only single-player Star Wars game, as far as we’re aware. They’re safe enough for at least two cycles of it as long as it’s not a disaster (6-7 years?)


it’s just a hd remake of yoda stories


I wish, that game ruled


Considering how i’m prettybdamn sure the movement in Titanfall II is a descendant of the movement in Jedi Knight II/Jedi Academy, I feel like they’lol probably pull this off.


now that’s an interesting thing to say! Can you help me connect it up?


I’d kill for that.


Jedi Knight II doesn’t have a double jump, but it does have Force Jumping and wallrunning.

Wallrunning lets you move faster, and helps you get more height when performed properly. Wall running in Titanfall 2 is much more pronounced and forgiving, but works in pretty much the same way.

The double jump is feels like a logical progression from the force jump. Force jumping was just a really long, slow, leap that you could sustain for a while for the price of force meter.

You could combine the two gain a lot of height and speed in a very Titanfall 2 fashion, just limited by a meter.

Titanfall 2’s real trick is combing the basic ideas and basing your speed and and verticalality more on chaining movement actions rather than giving you a stingy power point limit.

JKII/Academy are Quake III games, and this just feels like it’s bringing the idea home to a more movement exploit/rocket jump kinda deal. It’s really clever.


Wallrunning is such a strange and hard-to-execute concept that they would only have had a few examples to draw from, and in first-person it’s even smaller and tougher.

Obviously Mirror’s Edge even brought it up in conversation for the concept of “next-gen shooter” (and I can’t tell you how happy I was that ‘movement’ was briefly the vogue thing), and it’s not too dissimilar to my hands: a momentum threshold to initiate, a band of speed but a boost up if you initiated at low speed, a fairly proscribed vertical arc, a definite ‘soft snap’ onto the wall, a disengage based on time or falling below momentum threshold. Only, fast, light, smooth. And it has to leave the camera angle relatively stable for shooting.

I wonder how different it is from the Call of Duty implementation.


contemporary with Jedi Knight 2, the specialists also had infinite walljumping, which was somewhat of a prototype of wallrunnning proper.


apex legends is okay but it is less fun than titanfall 1 and 2 and that is sadmaking

this post originally said “Apex Legends is a confident, polished, and original battle royale game” but then I immediately edited out “original” and now I just want to edit the game out.


yeah it does seem to be the most attractive of these things so far
not saying much


I think sometimes that it’s been a blessing in disguise that I haven’t had an online-multiplayer capable internet connection for half a decade


You aren’t missing much.


Gamasutra dredged up interviews with Titanfall about this subject today:

They talk about starting to implement it in Half-Life 2 with localized gravity towards walls, and some movement inheritance from HL2. I’m getting jealous that they’ve got such movement-considerate engineers…

To the player it’s a matter of jumping into wall and they simply start running along it. For the game, it meant having to define between slopes and walls (“slopes are complicated”)

“Slopes are complicated” is the cause of 80% of my problems. Getting melee hits to connect to the appropriate part of the body, conversations to line up, physics to stabilize… The nightmare zone


a modern day sisyphus