The News Grandmaster 4000


so yeah - hooks will probably be similar

but it’s mostly that you can still do some sculpting of the sound inside the FMOD editor on the asset itself. sound designers can work in FMOD even after the asset has been created to mess with automation curves and levels in a way that is really similar to how you’d do it in Pro Tools or any other DAW. wwise allows that as well, but doing sound design work within the middleware isn’t as much of a priority just based off of the UI design - there isn’t a transport to be seen when creating an event in wwise, but it’s the first thing you see when creating an event in FMOD. the analogue is obvious and easy to understand if you’re coming from a DAW

and that helps sound designers get into things implementation-wise because it keeps them in the process even after the sound gets bounced out of the DAW


Ok. I probably don’t know enough about the sound design work (I’ve only done this through mixing/shaping sound effects in Audacity) so I don’t think I understand what you can’t do with the envelopes and other things grouped under ‘RTPC’ in wwise.



Adding to porteverythingtoswitch.txt


Everything but Final Fantasy VIII


The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is the only Switch-exclusive that really interests me. It even includes Time Soldiers. They can’t intend it to keep it exclusive forever, right?


pretty sure it’s coming to PS4 too


The PS4 port was actually announced just today. It supports 4K but I won’t buy it until it has HDR.


That’s funny. Just the other night, I searched for news on a possible port and came up empty.

Looking forward to it for sure.


what a scumbag




Ew at hitting a switch at one side of a level to get to a switch on the other side of the level to get through a barrier back on the first side of the level


Yeah I just read about that. I know nothing is proven yet but I believe everything scummy about Pitchford, he’s just that kind of person


everytime Gearbox comes up in gossip there’s an undertone of ‘things are different there’ that reads as cover for a gross culture


That sounds about right



@u_u Taiwanese Silent Hill??



It’s the folks who made Detention (highly recommended if ‘Taiwanese Silent Hill’ sounds cool to you, too), and this looks like a big step up to me. I’m excited.