The News Grandmaster 4000


It’s what I play most games with! Dunno if they ever fixed the weird bugs it has with Splatoon 2 though.

But yeah, count me in the crowd that finds the Switch super uncomfortable in handheld mode.

ten more years of the 3DS woulda been fine imo


handheld switch is fine if you’re using the analog stick. the shoulder buttons are maybe not quite comfy enough, but I generally don’t have problems with them


I’m maybe weird in that I find it too heavy?

I’ve got the same issue with the New 3DS XL, though that’s a bit worse since the two screens kinda throw off its balance.

Little baby New 3DS and the New 2DS XL are about as cozy as they get, though. That and the newer model Vitas.

But yeah that 8Bitdo controller is great for the bulk of the Switch games I’ve played with it. Still can’t really imagine playing Mario Odyssey without the Joycons akimbo, but it works OK for that, too.


I for one enjoy the moderate heft of handheld switch


I agree the Switch isn’t very comfortable in handheld but I attribute it to my slowly-rotting wrist tendons; I started finding all handhelds uncomfortable starting around 2007 and the bigger Switch is nicer for me, if not great.


The 3ds routinely made my wrists miserable because my tendons are also fucked. Can’t imagine playing Switch for more than 30 minutes at a clip. Although I guess that’s not a problem depending on your point of view


You might also be looking for something like this?

Only very specific usage though.



I’ve also installed this and am reasonably happy with it. Preserves rumble, plastic used is pretty good; manufacturing tolerances could be tighter – I can only screw the right joycon 95% of the way closed before it affects button functionality. Still, I prefer it to the Hori solution.




make 'em say ogg




I’m just going to believe that they’ll keep running it as a licensable solution because I don’t want to go back to Fmod.


Conquering The Worm News


why are they making a pinball table based on the likeness of everyone’s most despised wall street analyst, gene munster


d pad is still below the analog stick. but that d pad is looking real good


what don’t you like about FMOD? I’m curious because some people at my company have expressed disdain as well


It’s perfectly cromulent but it’s not as logically designed as wwise; I really like how wwise pushes you to design everything nested so that modufiers can be easily set up for logical groupings (in the simplest example, separating FX from voices from music so the volume can be adjusted independently).

Better UI and one that encourages a better workflow.


yeah that makes sense - on my end as the implementer I would actually really like wwise because it’s much more grouping oriented which makes things easier to tune on a per-group basis. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out why something didn’t play in FMOD only to realize that we set an instance limit on a group somewhere deep in the mixer window

it is pretty weird to wrap your head around though if you’re the sound designer! unless you know your way around the UI it seems to encourage a pretty hands-off approach in terms of sound design’s role in implementation, which is fine if the person doing the implementing understands the sound design enough such that they just need the delivered assets OR your sound designers are deeply embedded in your dev team but focusing on asset delivery

FMOD is cool because it brings the sound designers closer to the rest of the dev team! I’ve spent time on both sides and it kind of sucked to feel like you’re just throwing sounds into the void with the hope that it gets hooked up correctly


Yep, I’ve had to track that down a few times. No fun.

Can you expand on this? They both have pretty similar hooks in code or content to get into sound-land.