The News Grandmaster 4000


Absolution is great


there’s a reason my friend referred to it as “Hitman: Absolutiot”




Should have just given it to D3 proper and get us an Alien themed EDF.



apparently still closed beta only

plz add super princess peach theme/physics with matching mario sprite

oh damn wow, look at that slide


half of these skins look like the dream I had about super mario world on the NES when I was 11


It’s making the rounds that some people from Headcannon, one of the indie teams behind Sonic Mania, pitched a prototype of a new Darkwing Duck game to, uh, Capcom, inspired by/based on Capcom’s 1992 Darkwing Duck game.

There’s a video of the protoype:

Writer Aaron Sparrow and artist James Silvani of the most recent Darkwing Duck comic book series were working with Headcannon on it.

As a ridiculously huge Darkwing Duck fan myself and a pretty big fan of the Capcom game, too… Frankly, the prototype is a chore to play. The addition of a hookshot/swinging mechanic on top of the original game’s grippable platforms feels poorly thought out and shoddy to use. The level design is not particularly interesting, and is fairly brutal right from the start. Most obnoxiously, the level design seems to be completely unconcerned with the size of the screen, requiring constant manual screen panning and, probably, memorization of where hazards and platforms are going to be. Admittedly, it’s a prototype–and a very pretty one–but the prototype didn’t inspire confidence that this would bring anything more than some simple aesthetic joy (I mean, yes, of course, I’d love to see someone pay Jim Cummings to perform Darkwing Duck again, but then again, he’s doing that on neo-DuckTales).

Darkwing Duck fans even more miserable than I are gnashing their teeth about the woeful unfairness of how Capcom didn’t greenlight this. These people, of course, have no idea how anything works.

Also, Darkwing Duck was a minor splash in the NES canon in comparison to DuckTales. (Also also, DuckTales Remastered was most interesting for having Alan Young voice Scrooge one last time.)

Gaming press is picking up pretty big on this, though. I expect it’ll fall out of the news cycle and be forgotten in a week. I don’t think a handful of blog commenters can convince… Capcom and Disney to put money into this.

Anyway. Guess that’s news. Download the prototype before they get a C&D, maybe.


this may have been one of the first games where i was aware that I have been enjoying the game more for its soundtrack (on the GB, no less) than for its gameplay - in hindsight, playing it a decade or so later, the platforming was also OK, but the tight art direction and soundtrack have impressed little me enough to pull through the game…

so, naturally, i’d have liked for this to come out, but if it’s just another platformer™, well, so be it.


DRAGON’S DOGMA for SWITCH I exclaim while pushing my PS3, 360, and PS4 copy off my balcony.

I never even play in handheld mode.


Why do people love the Switch in docked mode again?


feels good to play portable games on the big screen



It’s uhhh a slightly different console to play almost all the same games on my couch and splatoon 2.

But I don’t have the online service so now it is for the 5 indies I bought on switch instead of ps4.

My train is way way to crowded to even try to play switch on it. I see about one a month. This is far far down from the ds/psp or even 3ds/vita days.


The Switch is not ergonomic at all for me, even less so in handheld mode.


well THANK GOODNESS I won’t have to play another video game ever again


The pro controller feels good to use but yeah, agreed.


I would kill for a left joycon with the analog stick and d pad switched


i would only want this for Katamari, y’all can have your weird shitty playstation controllers for everything else.


that is exactly what I want this for, but also when playing 2D games with the directional pad the analog stick gets in the way of the minus button

totally ruins playing metroid


Oh, I hadn’t considered analog accessibility. That makes sense.

I’m very surprised that there aren’t more switch attachments of weird varieties. There’s definitely a (small but probably passionate) market for it.


this is probably my best bet. $45 doesn’t seem that unreasonable for how versatile it is.