The News Grandmaster 4000


not sure how much I like hand-bob with no view-bob

not like I’m a big view-bob fan or w/e though but

Just kinda makes it seem like you’re gliding through them corridors doing a furtive charleston or something


I wonder where my baby hid the red key


Charlie Brooker made an FMV Choose Your Own Adventure game starring Jeff Minter.



oof, Blaze’s standing pose is very goofy looking





Nhozdyve from the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch is playable



I want this guy and richard garriot to kill each other in single combat out on the field


[The chivalric code] comes down to ‘“be a nice person please’”.


sure pal

and this is the guy who loved 2000 AD so much and bought them out of failing?


even if their owner is a giant smelly nerd, rebellion have done a ton of good for uk comics.




I haven’t watched this yet but Kota Ibushi’s boyfriend (and New Japan Pro Wrestling world champ) Kenny Omega collaborated with Toby Fox to make some graps-themed Undertale video thing?

Kenny if you’re reading this and you want a gamedev to make a promo video for next year’s Wrestle Kingdom hit me up. Also make an account and bloodpotion all my selfies in the vanity pic thread thanks


Undertale was his GOTY on the Giant Bomb list he wrote this year (with Xavier Woods), so seems like it’s still on his mind




Can someone give me the background/context for this?


And in case you don’t know, the CEO of Stardock is a gamer goober. Who released bees in his office where people are allergic to bees as “an experiment.” Also alleged sexual harassment.

In conclusion, don’t give Stardock any money in their current humble bundle.