The News Grandmaster 4000




I love that this game about trying to drag your shitty car to the finish line against extremely aggressive AI and realistic damage modeling now lets you do so in the snow


bahahahahaha this is what the title screen looks like now


There are currently FIVE SNK Pop Up Shops in Tokyo. That Chinese Company that owns SNK has to be gunning for something.

Anyways among the things on offer are

Paper MVS cabinets filled with candy
Geese Howard Soy Sauce
A cool ass jacket I can’t find

Oh the SNK online shop has a fukubukuro hmmmmm.


Edit: Reading the description on the itch page makes this seem way less interesting. Oh well. Catchy tune in the trailer :musical_note:





I am way too into the HUD-on-hands move


I am waaay into this

Ubiquitous melee is an A+ move



Where can anyone see the original or am I missing a gag here


The “Available: January 5, 2019 (currently remastering)” leads me to believe that it’s a farce, sort of like how certain Coen Bros. movies tell you they’re “true stories”.


yeah it’s part of the game’s schtick


Whoa, an Another Worldalike


This trailer ran during the game awards but I haven’t seen any mention of it here. It seems neat!


i agree but also i was hoping for heavier slashing animations. ‘bat idly at countless enemies with your monstrous claws’ doesn’t have the same ring though i guess


Stereo Lovers has to be a riff on Studio Killers right


Oh wow Exodemon’s like a Metroid Prime demake

The hand bob and shooting animations are keyed with identical timing to the Metroid Prime ones, and you can even see it in the level design elements (the tubes and circular layouts) and some of the synth instruments