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Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do if you want to stay irrelevant


I support carlton


Yeah, I think everyone was initially okay with not doing anything, but then they kept verbatim copying black actors’ dances without giving credit, again and again, and it felt like someone needed to stop them.

Like they should at least get a cut, or some recognition.


what, how the hell is nobunaga 201X even a thing; isn’t Yakuza exactly that kind of game?
or did i miss 1990+ games in a few years’ time… i mean, sure, it’s Koei, yeah, but that’s steep even for their output!


i know nothing about this specific game, bt the series in general is a bunch of grand-scale resource managing turn based strategy games. i really want to know if 201x is the same, though. like are all the clans now corporations or gangs or political parties?

it’s probably just “they’re literally just samurai clans but in the modern day for no reason” though


look if I did some dance and watched a video game company take it without crediting me and become a huge sensation with lots of money, so much so that every kid in every middle school in the entire world is doing dances from that game, I would be kind of mad too

the people who CREATED techno are still “irrelevant” people from detroit watching white people make millions and “forgetting” to credit their inspirations (or at the very least not doing the work to place it in the proper context)

this is just the next place it’ll happen

foh with that nonsense


Yeah they have a good case to fuck you pay me to Epic.


How much does it cost to purchase the Carlton dance anyways?


88% of revenue



I want these types of games to be good…so badly…maybe jojo will save us all…


Not feeling it at all - Eyes of Heaven was bad


Freak how the hell is there already English news.

Excited about this for some reason! I haven’t touched VIII


Well, we played the demo of 8 long enough to say “this sure is a Vita game on the PS4”, so maybe this one will be a PS4 game?

Still wanna play 8 though.


8 was pretty rad, it was my first time playing an Ys game. It felt very breezy, fast and laid back, I guess to me it is like the OutRun of action RPGs

By golly does the story go off the deep end of weird in the second half though, it’s hilarious


the second half of ys viii’s plot is amazing. you just suddenly go from “people shipwrecked on an island with dinosaurs” to this story that’s completely insane, even by rpg standards


I love Ys but man I really want them to confirm the Cold Steel 3/4 English releases.


Should we be expecting NISA disaster releases for all future Falcom games?


I believe NISA only got to handle the last game because they promised a simultaneous worldwide release, so it likely depends on if Falcom A) still desires that as strongly and B) has any faith left in NISA after they failed spectacularly last time.