The News Grandmaster 4000


furry human legged movie sonic is beautiful and i will embrace his reign


I watched some more gameplay of Gris and oh boy, the pretentiousness is palpable. I guess it can still be beautiful and sincere to some people but I was put off by it pretty hard. I mean I just heard good things about it and it was recommended but I don’t know, might not be for me what these guys from Spain cooked up there


I’m worried about that, too, because I really really want to like this but I know that will make me too angry to enjoy it.


not sure what specifically is making this not scan as too twee for my tastes but it looks great and I’m gonna try it


It scans like Pokemon, and Pokemon isn’t twee for some reason. I still can’t pin down why though


It’s thoroughly within the Frederator/Cal Arts aesthetic which 1) we watched rise in real-time via Persona and Kinuko before bursting onto TV with Adventure Time, Steven Universe, et al and 2) has the grounding of a serious art school to be able to be earnest, nostalgic, sentimental, etc, without overtly-cloying uwu teenage stuff.


I lol’d a little at them straight-up just lifting the name Mogwai, unless that’s actually a word that predates Gremlins


because pokemon says “look at these cool and varied monsters”, and not “wook at dese cute and fwuffy monsters”
he exact same art and character designs with worse writing would make pokemon twee

anyway, there’s rumours about that sonic team are working on a new ip


Logo looks real bad. Game overall is a bit too neon green. The pixel FX make me yearn p hard for CvS2. Everything else is so good tho


good read; I would add to that the writing


SBFP is done/dead.


I haven’t kept up but I watched very video they did for like 5-6 years so I’m pretty bummed out tbh


Yeah, this is hitting me kind of hard. I’ve been on and off them for years but was currently tuning in every day for a while now. I’d had some suspicion that maybe some of their relationships wouldn’t really work in the long run but figured there would at least be another year or so left.

Will probably miss Fisticuffs/Scrublords the most. Was always fun when they went all in on something ridiculously obscure. Also the podcast being gone will leave a pretty big hole during my work day. Wonder if the Giant Bombcast got a bit better recently?


aw geez :frowning:


Like Ymer, I’ll miss Fisticuffs and Scrublords.


A certain part of Indivisible is just going to be real heartsink when it finally comes out.


Sonic Team as a separate named and branded studio might not be a thing any more, having now been dissolved into the rest of SEGA’s development studios (or maybe moving to the American branch)


Aww man, I’m kinda bummed about this. I always wanted a group of friends to play games with and watching the intro video to fisticuffs always made me happy.


I am actually midway through watching their Detroit: Become Human playthrough and… now I have no idea how I’ll experience any future David Cage games.


this news isn’t really relevant to anyone, but it’s so odd that it’s noteworthy anyway: there’s a cross promotion going on between koei’s game nobunaga’s ambition 201x and weird fantasy theatre/musical/wrestling promotion makai