The News Grandmaster 4000


So the Epic Games store is here and surprise, they’re even bigger assholes than Valve. Joke’s on you if you thought this would bring much needed balance to the force/competition that will benefit consumers.

There are no customer reviews, Epic is against them

Refunds are harder to get than on Steam

And now we’ve got to worry about “exclusives” on the PC as well because apparently that’s something Epic is paying developers for

The world sucks sometimes. Corporate entities with hundreds of millions of dollars suck all the time

#3606 ok





Judge Eyes has a lot of games in it.


i hope ollie king will get ported to one of these games one day. maybe if judge eyes zero takes place in 2003 and is about trying to catch a weed dealer who is the bassist for a sludge metal band




sonic is NOT a friend to cops


I hope it’s like Point Break/F&F in that the cop is inspired by Sonic’s life and their budding bromance to break bad and leave the force.




That isn’t Chris Pratt? Fuuuuuuck

I had this experience waiting in line at CVS the other day, all the Just For Men hair color boxes were lined up next to each other and I was like, jesus. These fuckin white guys are absolutely identical


How is that not Chris Pratt??


apparently it’s james marsden aka jimmy mars aka


i feel very validated by the confusion


I’m pretty sure the artist googled james marsden, but got a picture of chris pratt and didn’t know the difference


james marsden looks like he was drawn by mark schultz to fight a giant trilobite with a bowie knife underwater




yeah that’s what I said


I mean have you tried reading Xenozoic Tales lately?


No but have you tried typing with boxing gloves on?