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shot-for-shot is just depressing, this is stylish enough art to stand on its own

And I love screenshake like I love crunching into a spoonful of Grape Nuts (and let me tell you I love Grape Nuts) but I keep seeing these terrible screenshake implementations. If you’re a game about going fast the screenshake shouldn’t push against the direction of motion and make the whole thing look like it’s stuttering, that’s just silly and contra to the sympathetic motion and flow you want to build.


I found the racing pretty boring but the town sequences were nice

Unrealistic though, you slurp several gallons of ramen and never once use a toilet


when my friend showed me rdr2 and his horse pooped and he said it poops ALL THE TIME I asked if the horses also grazed to make their poop and is the poop they have to poop in proportion to the grazing they do is this modeled as closely as the horse ball/temp ratio and he said “nah I’ve never seen my horse eat or at least not enough to be notable?”

when will in-door/out-door balance be realized in vidcon bodies when


when will games be good


get an RPG party member who has a near-permanent 15% debuff to willpower because he at almost all times claims to feel a little backed up

rather than being removed it returns every time you visit an inn because he’s convinced afterwards he’s having a reaction to something in the food


trailer also manages to have the wrong music for a shot for shot

like the whole point of the bebop opening is it’s leaning all the way into jazz, not a big beat-ish + voice sample + horn line every 4 bars

the weird thing is that the track would probably stand on its own but is actually compromised by its inclusion in a trailer very heavily referencing something else with its own very distinct style



That guy really becomes your far and away dps leader once you grind your colonoscopy skill high enough to unlock his story side quest. After that, so long as you have the gold to keep him supplied with laxatives, he’s the strongest melee fighter in the game

Edit: I’m sure for most people this goes without saying, but much like with the rest of the party (vegan Archer, I’m looking at you), do NOT allow him to order for himself at dinner. Being from the Baguettscargot kingdom, if left to his own devices, everything he orders with be covered in heavy cream-based sauces, so if you want to maintain optimal dps, you MUST order dinner manually. I recommend ordering him high-protein salads or any other high-fiber meals.


Far Cry 6 in the suburbs and when your character randomly doubles over it’s not malaria, it’s a kidney stone.


Prequel, not that it matters all that much.

The whole BG&E2 thing’s quite interesting if you know the development history of the first one, as that whole open planetary system thing is what they were aiming to do back in 2002, before settling for what we effectively got.


tired: Geralt in Smash

wired: Geralt with the Princess Crown on

inspired: Geralt in Mario Party



More cursed by the second.


This would unfortunately just play into CDPR’s already regretfully horny tendencies


Man CD Projekt Red is like the worst name for a development studio


But it’s fun if you say it “proyekt”


“Seh deh proyekt”


I love the line “business is my business and business is booming” :+1:

once a dead man always a dead man

this is so giving me Jet Set Radio vibes


Gender swapping is the only acceptable horniness 2019 imo


I’m all for horniness of any kind, go ahead


Important Dragula News.