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y’know for a game titled Beyond Good and Evil i always found its morality awfully straightforward


i’m far too late to the party to get into siege at this point but i’m amazed that something from ubisoft is apparently good??

i just really wish there was a legit successor to quakeworld, champions was heartbreaking (and is still somehow limping on)

i guess there is some hype in the quake community for nu-doom2 mp which isn’t going to be outsourced this time but i’m not holding my breath


you really aren’t that late, a ton of people (including me) started playing about a year ago and it’s only like a couple weeks of playing casually on and off before you have a general idea of what 2/3 of the characters do and mostly know the maps and aren’t always the worst member of your team

I’ve already sung its praises a ton but it is an incredibly well-designed and well-managed game, and both of those taken together make it v potent

CS '99 : Siege :: Quake : Titanfall 2


does it require voice chat? because if not I might go all the way in


it got me to buy real headphones with decent stereo separation because the audio modeling is so good and necessary, and it lets you monitor cameras and call out to your team after you’re dead in a round, plus teamwork is very strongly encouraged. for the most part you could play casual forever without needing voicechat but it adds a lot and the community is really not very toxic.



The Nietzschean influence is very hard to spot, yeah


Yoooo I can’t believe they’re using Geralt’s multi-planar adventures as an excuse to canonically put him into other gameworlds yooooooooo


swear to god if that jackhole ends up in Smash


He dropped into Soul Calubur 6’s story mode in exactly the same way, even said almost the same thing about hating portals. Geralt in Portal 3 confirmed


geralt is too good for smash


Ceri is cooler and confirmed by Witcher 3 dialogue as being in Cyberpunk


Ooh yea, they’d be well served to make a Ciri alt for Geralt if he’s a unique character


I’ve seen a heap of Geralt-a-likes in MHW onlines anyway
Even my own char has a long silver mane on her
And they’ve already done Dante
Get it together Crapcom


my sibling is a super witcher nerd but has no interest in monster hunter because the weapons are all big and goofy, they want regular sized swords


must be Euro servers but there’s like very little toxicity on the European servers of Siege that I’m playing. must be because over half the people can’t into English, especially Russians who can neither into English nor having mics.



I played siege for the first time in 2 months the other day - I play on US servers. For some reason, every time I loaded into a match it was taking upwards of 2 minutes. People started a vote kick but I tried to be entertaining in chat to make up for my shitty loading times and they actually did not kick me! Honest-to-god blew me away, they were joking around and having fun even though they were also obviously annoyed.

The community is pretty good.

On the flipside, the game itself bores me to tears now. I think this is a “me” problem though


Unfortunately this was confirmed by CDPR to be arguably true in the Witcher, but not true in Cyberpunk. The world of the Witcher can accommodate connection to the world of Cyberpunk, but they feel that the reverse isn’t the case.