The News Grandmaster 4000


I hope it turns out better than Rime did


iirc this has actual Team Ico people on it, I’d lost track of it


Watching that thinking I hope I get to play as the crow and then at the end bam yeah you can play as the crow.




Columbus Circle releasing Famicom and Megadrive Rythm games with famous composers looks cool as heck.


Featuring a cameo of our very own fort90

I’m curious to see how it turned out. I played an early, early build years ago and it seemed like the devs were still trying to find their voice, which they hopefully did in the mean time.


I can’t front, this looks really cool and interesting. I might actually be hype??


Wait, so EDF5 is getting released in the west this week and somehow I just found out about it? Seems to be digital only though.


The team doing the new Fear Effect is remaking Panzer Dragoon and Zwei.


yes, i have had that date set in my calendar for a while now, and only yesterday realized that it is tomorrow where we will be able to fight to die see thr light of another day.



I have too much on my plate right now to grab it, but I 100% will once I finish up some current stuff.


click through for video :0


Ah, thanks, I hate it.

Sonic fans have told me for 20 years that I was stodgy and wrong for hating his awful Adventure proportions, and now look where we are. Like a blue hydrocephalic eight year old.

Chubby Sonic you were too good for this world.


What’s the over/under on them having that awful little homunculus suckin’ on chilli dogs while the same lyrics from Mellencamp’s Jack & Diane play over it


I’m whlemed.


whoa what? is that what that game actually looks like? that’s actually pretty inspired as far as huge multiplayer busywork goes.

meanwhile in Ubisoft news,

unusually well-managed online game continues to be unusually well-managed online game


Intensely jealous that Titanfall didn’t find the audience and become an evergreen, but good on Siege for carving out its own space.


yeah, one of the two multiplayer shooters I’ve really loved and actually gotten into since 2004 is still better than zero


So this is the sequel to the game with the photojournalist lady and her funny pig man sidekick.