The News Grandmaster 4000


Same, I’m glad it’s coming out but I feel like the further it’s gotten in development the less compelling I’ve found their con demos

As soon as gathering all the herbs and crafting became a thing, it just seemed a lot less interesting

I wanted it all to be small and removed, a god deigning to nudge this tiny thing into heroics for its own amusement


I’m sorry, did you just say gathering herbs and crafting?

Cancel your calendars folks, sounds to me like we’ve got a game of the year coming out here





“what if Fallout, but slightly less dirty?”

keep reaching for the stars guys


Kinda feels “what if borderlands but an actual RPG” which kinda works for me.


the setting feels… OK for how obviously marketable it is. I’m really curious to find out if deadfire was a fluke.


Strong indications that Obsidian’s leadership has wanted to make a play as a AAA console developer for years now and get out of the A CRPG budget territory. I believe this is the root of Avellone’s disgruntlement.


at last

Experience The Destiny of No Man’s Fallout


I ain’t mad. The screenshots look great and the press release is “psst hey new vegas had good rpg systems and bethesda sure as shit ain’t doing it”


As someone that hasn’t play any of these things in 10 years I am sick of kitschy Everything Sucks But The Graphic Design Says Everything Is Okay Also The 50s.


bald french guy with beard voice ehhh how u say… massive opun warld to gather materials, survive and beeld in wiz your friends


Hmm well The Stooges are way cooler than John Denver I guess.


This looks like a real solid 7/10 to me. I’m kind of an easy mark for this sort of game in general, and something about the mix of game elements on display here makes me think this could be a good enough time.


I trust obsidian to not completely cock it up, even if the writing is too ‘trying to be clever’ in the trailer, but I’ll attribute that to how marketers have no imagination at all

Honestly, I’m hoping for something like a mix of alpha protocol and new vegas; narrative dungeons giving structure to a pseudo open world.





I appreciate that the aesthetic is completely unchanged from the original