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Well, they need to incentivize the consumer base mainly, although I guess with Fortnite it’s not as difficult as it is for some other storefronts, yea?


The good with the bad. We’re finally seeing a diffusion of digital storefronts, which is extremely aggravating for keeping wispy rights to digital games managed and organized, but this opens up competition for store fees.

Happy that Epic isn’t holding out for large games only. That was a sign of how insignificant places like are next to Steam; there really is only the market Valve created on PC for indie games unless you can create an audience willing to buy from you directly. Epic broadening it, therefore, isn’t something they have to do in the same way.


Every time a Humble Bundle drops I have to scour like 5 clients to see if I’ve already procured a game someplace


There’s room for a tool that puts together a master list of all the games you own on every platform. People would probably pay for that.


I use to tie emulators together in a front end, and it has ambitions and the ability to tie every other .exe it’s offered, including a Steam importer. They charge for a variant Big Picture-esque front end, but I’d say the market in packaged desktop software is…slim.


That’s wonderful they got Foddy to narrate. “I created this easter egg for a certain type of person. To hurt them.”


Bennett really liked 3 iirc


When I saw Just Cause 4 was coming out I decided to try Just Cause 3 again. I bought it a few years ago on Felix’s recommendation but it kept crashing a lot. It still crashed once but has mostly been fine, and I feel like I’ve time traveled to a bygone era of video games. I haven’t played much if any open world game in a long time (I can think of Horizon and MGS5 but not much else) and I forgot just how theme park-y open world games used to be (still are?).

It’s kind of immediately off putting because it feels like no matter how many systems these kind of games can have, much of the game is playing mini-games revolving around a single mechanic rather than building content around a holistic design. There are the main story quests where you’re assaulting these oppressed towns but if I want to unlock any new abilities I have to play the wingsuit mini-game, the helicopter minigame, etc. I don’t want to play any of that. I want to play Just Cause 3.

That was also my main problem with Saints Row 3. I was blown away by the immense variety of situations you’re put through in the first three or four opening missions only to find out every 5 minute segment from those missions were actually just tutorials for every type of mini-game. None of the missions after those were anywhere near as interesting and instead it was like I was only allowed to eat one chicken nugget at a time instead of swallowing four or five at once like a normal person.


This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages




i played around with playnite for a bit and it seems to do exactly this pretty decent. you need to give it logins if you want things you don’t have installed to show up, tho




Hope this is great, hope Capy doesn’t suffer the same diminishing returns in our modern age as Supergiant, Gaijin (now Choice Provisions), and all the rest of the second-age indie cohort I used to know.

I worry about them.

2D indie Souls game with minimal aesthetic was a lot more interesting when I played it in 2013 and was immediately jealous next to our game; to me, this no longer represents a game I need because it’s a new space, but a good version of what it wants to be. Does that make sense? I’m worried this will be the tired yet excellent Last Guardian to the Shadow of the Colossus I thought it was five years ago.


fallout 76 launch is an incredible tragicomedy


holy shit


That patch actually sounds like the kind of living world Destiny always wanted to be. I hope the game radically changes accidentally every other week. They can justify it by retconning the game into a VR simulation within the Fallout world.


fyre fest 76


ja rule - i don’t want to set the world on fire


this looks cool