The News Grandmaster 4000


no save him for the new virtua fighter that’s never coming out :frowning:


Terrified that Negan will really click with me and be my main tbh


Canonically, he might have played a lot of 2 and 5, so he’s already really up on the VF plot, which is just “your character plays VF”.


I was hoping that he would kill Paul. Can we kill Paul for good

Also Voldo in SC, I hate Voldo. Good thing they made him bottom tier in 6 though


not news but i’m always here for an OHRRPGCE game on Steam.


I see these guys live every year and holy shit was this year’s particularly amazing. They had a Gwar-style band and everything.


Put Dominic Toretto in soul calibur cowards


Dom versus Kiryu is the battle then ends with the manliest of hugs ever in a game.


I finally understand





Oh shit, I had no idea they were Boston based! I gotta go to one of these shows.


Dillon & Dutch for the Pokemon generation


They usually do this at ONCE in Somerville in early November - I usually keep tabs on them through their Facebook page.

Next November you absolutely should should me and my group. It’s seriously the best.

Can’t find any footage of the Cambridge show, but, here’s the gist of it:


Looks like a rad time, it’s a shame I just missed this year’s show! I’m definitely down to join y’all for the next one.


just cause 4 reviews are suggesting it is not much if at all improved on 3 as I suspected

everyone please play just cause 3, it deserves to be mentioned alongside MGS5 and breath of the wild for current-gen open world sandboxes and it’s super cheap all the time now

it is eurotrash pilotwings, it is gorgeous, its politics and storytelling do not embarrass it and it does not overstay its welcome


I just wish it ran better.

At least it runs well on a PS4 Pro!

But yeah, as someone who enjoys a game with good locomotion (your Spider-Mens, your Hulk Ultimate Destructions and, by proxy, Saints Row 4, etc. etc.), the wingsuit in 3 is a delight.

I think I spent an absurd amount of time trying to fly Rico through some watery caves and had a blast doing it. The actual game itself, eh, but flying around? Scraping near the ground and picking back up to soar through the sky? Magical stuff, honestly.


yeah having fooled around with Spiderman recently I have to say that the physics in JC3 are even better than I initially gave them credit for

like, the wingsuiting-through-targets obstacle courses are the perfect combination of challenging and tangible and fun

between JC4 and Hitman 2 being somewhat underwhelming my “each major publisher is somehow uniquely good for a period of 2-3 consecutive years across three entirely different dev teams in their stable” theory is really being reinforced, Squeenix peaked from late 2015 - early 2017


People have already found out that you can plug a keyboard into the PS Classic and hit escape to access the emulator settings, with some smoothing/scanline settings, PAL > NTSC speedhacks, and a big ol’ “LOAD CD IMAGE” options right there.

Guess it’s a question of if they work, if the hardware can handle it, and how long before someone figures out how to brute force at least some of it to work.