The News Grandmaster 4000


The video is in russian


More like the circle of suck amirite


I get them the same way I get almost everything I own: in the mail, as a surprise, from secret admirers who may also be huge perverts.




Well, I’m a little relieved this is happening. Say what you want about Way forward but if they handle the technical and leave the creative to Iga and Co. then I’m fairly confident this won’t be a diaster. Looking forward to this more than ever now.


Looks awesome and just thick with aesthetic


Wonder if they can sway Iga and Co. to go to that really good looking, all cel-shaded look that the community voted against (!), even as just an extra.

I mean, their technical prowess at “making pretty good feeling games” is key, but dang I wish they’d gone with that look :frowning:


Oh hey I backed the first kickstarter for this which they followed up with a second kickstarter for more money and that was 5 years ago.




paging @idiot


I want to like this but can anyone convince me that this isn’t just a vaporwave skinned We Happy Few


All this time I had thought it was just the successor the Emperor’s SaGa but this is a regular old RPG, huh? That’s actually pretty neat. Kawazu seems to be able to do anything so I expect this to get the traditional SquareEnix ugly mobile-to-console ports at some point.


also apparently monhun world is all decked out with christmas lights which is another good reason to sign back up for plus





more tactics is good. Shame about that whole Exvius thing though


If anything could make F2P mobile games work it’s a good tactics game


As someone who has never seen The Walking Dead, I’ve gotta be honest - this all comes off as super fucking corny.

But hey - Julia and Marduk are on the way, and that’s alright by me.


Just give us Kiryu already, goddammit.