The News Grandmaster 4000


If this is Obsidian’s best shot at a New Vegas 2 type deal then I’m pretty optimistic!


I would assume Microsoft doesn’t want isometric party-based RPGs from Obsidian, now. I wonder how much of BioWare’s tracks they’ll start to follow down (who am I kidding, it’ll be Bethesda they’re told to chase).


Climb-in. In the post nuclear apocalypse of 2080s Canada, civilization has come to respect one skill above all others: bouldering.


Finally, the AAA Getting Over It clone w/ ALL. THE. STATS. and OVER THREE DOZEN UPGRADEABLE + ROMANCEABLE HAMMER HEADS you’ve been waiting for


Wow! What a bounty.


Playing Steins;Gate on a big screen is going to be a burden.

Seriously just watch the anime then have a 15 minute conversation with me where I explain the bad endings and their significance.


am I reading it right that Iconoclasts will be free for PS+ in December for PS Vita but it’s cross-buy w/ PS4 so that means I can play Iconoclasts for free on PS4? or am I reading it wrong


No that’s right. You’ll be able to play it on PS4 (as well as Vita if you have one).


yay. thanks


You joke but I’d play that


Then you can play Steins;Gate Zero which is great!


EU PSN doesn’t seem to get Steins;Gate so I am safe.



anybody here speak Russian?

Or are they Ukrainian?


Seems like it has real english subtitles (not autotranslated).


oh! thanks



  • they had money troubles
  • they’ll release Pathologic 2 in 3 parts; first the Haruspex main character, then Bachelor and Changeling characters later.
  • they changed their thinking after viewing Steam response to Remastered, Marble Nest, and the Pathologic 2 alpha: ‘these days, people aren’t willing to put as much time into a single game’
  • ‘games must become more comfortable than we’d like’ (this is an amazing sentence)
  • Pathologic 2 was too player-directed, now they’re adding more player guidance, make it less ‘back-breakingly hard’

No date for first chapter, Haruspex, but it’s supposedly ‘close’

I’m verr excited!


The Bachelor, @HOBO is in this? I feel a lawsuit coming on


the Bachelor is an expert on thanatology

Bachelor may neither gather herbs nor trade with Worms. However, the Bachelor can gamble on rat racing or fight in the Circle of Suok for rewards.

yeah, that’s a bit too close for comfort


lol that’s great!

How does he make Stree Overlord pills without gathering herbs