The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


I reckon some of that is to pad the season out to 22 episodes.

This has been one long ass ticking narrative time bomb and now I just kind of don’t care.

Also, Supergirl’s been pretty good this season I guess but I gave up on Arrow.



you know they’re trying in this one when the required Mediocre Hallway Fight scene has a shiny new modern hallway


I just want more JJ and like the good half of a luke cage season, I don’t want to have to put up with those two other jamokes for a whole series


never saw Iron Fist at all, but even his scenes in this trailer look terrible


when they first announced this whole defenders plan i could have never imagined how indifferent i would be to it once the show finally arrived

i didn’t even watch daredevil season 2 or iron fist

I think the only part of the MCU i still want to catch up on is the rest of Agent Carter

I kinda gave up on the movies after Avengers 1

I mean I’m gonna watch Black Panther…

Kinda hoping New Warriors/Cloak and Dagger have nothing to do with this stuff at this point?


Watch the first four episodes of season 2 of Daredevil just for the Punisher stuff.


So that’s what has guy at work so excited.

Why don’t they just call it PUNCHSQUAD?


Man I feel so exactly the same


If they could just make like a youtube original about jessica jones’ hair having adventures that would be cool


Yeah, I have watched everything but the Iron Fist (because it looks so boring) and I would rather just get Luke Cage and JJ teaming up than deal with DD being there. The DD show I am just so indifferent to, and the Punisher didn’t help there one bit. I actually enjoyed almost all of Cage and JJ though, so.


I still haven’t finished Luke Cage yet , just couldn’t deal with the huge about face in the episode where the best character and actor in the series dies, the second best character transforms into a ludicrous super-villain, and the stage is set for the nonsensical bullshit that is the ‘actual’ villain of the series to show up i watched the episode after that just to see how they recovered from such a nose dive, and the scene where the dude is like chasing him around an abandoned movie theater with a rocket launcher or whatever is just a little too dtv c-grade action movie corny for me. I guess there’s a time and a place for that sort of thing but the tonal shift was just too jarring.


Oh yeah, the shift is definitely ridiculous. I enjoyed the ridiculousness of it, but it did feel like the show wasted going down a much more interesting path, but at this point that is basically the Marvel ethos.


Boy does it make me angry every time a TV show equates facial scars/disfigurement with EVIL.

I’m talking about the flash specifically in this case but it’s so fucking pervasive and I really wish that trope would go away.

Personal crap: I was born with a prominent, disfiguring mark that I lived with throughout childhood but thanks to some illicit, under-the-table plastic surgery in my teens it now looks like a weird extra laugh line or a dueling scar depending on the light.

Also it’s funny to see my dumb theory about who last season’s big bad was turn out to be the case this season. Evil Barry lol.


Is this thread the place for American Gods chat?

Neil Gaiman is basically comics royalty simply for making Vertigo viable and there’s a comic adaptation now too!


riverdale literally shipped off a gay kid to “san junipero”



I’m so pumped for belinda carlisle’s comeback


I don’t think I’m as irritated as other people that Agents of SHIELD hasn’t had more tie-ins to marvel movies, but it is still extremely bizarre to me that SHIELD has used the Inhumans as a major feature of the show for three seasons, and yet nothing about this new show suggests that they are going to acknowledge its existence at all


Agents of SHIELD is like the red-headed step child of the Marvel Universe, except it’s better than all the rest of the children and they all know it, so the parents ignore it because they’re assholes