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Rebellion? The Alien Vs Predator/Sniper Elite game studio?

Rebellion has published comic books since the year 2000, in which it purchased 2000 AD (publisher of characters such as Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper). The company launched its own book imprint, Abaddon Books, in 2006.


I guess that’s one thing to do with vidcon bucks


jughead ate a hamburger :slight_smile:



i stopped watching but let me guess, it was the season finale


of course


tv exec 1: I have this amazing idea… let’s take a concept central to the plot of one of our mildly successful shows, and use it as the basis for a second, but probably even more mediocre program… then let’s take this to the next level, and make sure that the two shows that use the same very specific gimmick, adapted from comics that only a handful of people who care way too much about accurate adaptations have ever read, share no cast members, and are actually entirely unrelated… then, as a coup de grace, let’s make sure to put them on the same night too, a night when typically no one actually watches television
tv exec 2: i love it. i love it. this idea is horrible, but these drugs are incredibly good. let’s do it.


DC Penultimate Episodes thoughts:

Supergirl is so consistent at making random excuses for Superman not being there that I actually did forget that he actually can show up lol. The one scene with all the extremely powerful older women talking shit to each other was a real treat. Seems like they’d been chomping at the bit to get Calista back because she was just gold the entire time.

Man Arrow’s really pulling the old Justice League cartoon move of ending the season like they’re ending the whole series. Really pulling out all the stops. Prometheus has been a ridiculous villain but they generally (generally) played fair with him and it will be unbelivably satisfying to see him lose. This whole season has had really sharp character work and has been maybe the most consistently enjoyable in a while.

On the other hand, there were some fun and cute episodes but I think this season of Flash is probably my least favorite which I wouldn’t have believed after last year. Basically an entire season of doing all the things the writing staff is worst at in an amplified way and no amount of them lampshading it really helps. One thing about these Greg Berlanti shows is that the writers do actually seem to recognize bad habits and at least have shown the ability to fix them in the past so here’s hoping next year isn’t so shitty


also it is not arrowverse (yet)



Wow, that looks… bad


not a great idea to hang that whole trailer on that dudes performance

also i feel like if i watch that in imax like they want i’m gonna see poorly hidden zippers and boom mics


They show Medusa like a dozen times and not once does she do anything with her hair



@Sleazy you’ve gone too far this time.


oh my goddd


Give this man an Oscar


Man, why did Armond White go and change his name to Peter Rosenthal when he started reviewing Marvel movies instead of DC ones?


i mean the dialogue is the point of a ben edlund project so the tick trailer is kinda


The pilot suit was so much better.