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Ah Christ.





So uh the defenders was…a thing I guess.

Was surprised they decided to go the future bionic arm route with Misty Knight at the end (I presume). I did like the final shot being a direct lift of a David Mazzuchelli splash page from ‘Born Again’.

Also, as much as I love Wu Tang , scoring the climactic team fight scene with them didn’t really work. But then again, neither did the fight scene.

Eh, it was better than Iron Fist but not by much.


I stopped watching after episode 6 because it was a little too irritatingly dumb for me

I’ll still watch jj season 2 but I guess I was right to be skeptical of this


I’m actually kind of relieved that it is bad so I don’t have to force myself to watch the post Mahershala Ali episodes of Luke Cage and like… any of Iron Fist to catch up


How is Jessica Jones’ hair?




oh no :frowning:


Her and Luke were the best parts of the show by far.

Gimme that show please


I couldn’t stand that all of luke cage’s scenes in the first episode had that deus ex human revolution piss filter on them.


Screw Ya’ll I liked Defenders, gimme moar. IDK why everyone expects this stuff to be serious, it’s funny books folks. At least it had something, unlike all the marble moobies.


What was good about it? I think people expect it to be serious because Jessica Jones was serious and good, and about 1/4 to 1/2 of both Daredevil seasons was also pretty well done (imo). I hated the Ninjas aspect of Daredevil, and Defenders just seems like more ninja bullshit tbh. Maybe I’ll give it a shot idk


I think maybe the problem is these shows all take themselves so seriously even though they’re so stupid. I’d be fine if they had a 4 color intensely unrealistic aesthetic but they expect me to buy into this overwrought character drama when everything is so stupid that random characters can pull out bazookas from nowhere so that the next plot beat can happen.


then… why even … bother with this stuff? IT’s like hopping on a roller coaster and complaining about heights.

well, they’re not cartoons they’re drama.
Defenders did a fine job with character motivations and plot advancement.

Could Defenders have been better? Sure. But if you really don’t like it I honestly don’t know what you’re expecting it to be.


again, jessica jones actually had interesting characters and took itself seriously and didn’t have dumb plot beats strung together for no reason


And it should be emphasized that these shows bill themselves as like realistic and serious and are incredibly anxious about anything that might be seen as too much fun. Iron Fist’s primary problems were that the core actor was fucking awful, they spent 2/3 of the plot on business intrigue instead of dumb ninja fights, and all of the dumb ninja fights were boring instead of fun.


The Tick has a good Tick

a real good Tick

defo not a Barry


among the many dismaying aspects of the comic book movie/TV production hegemon is that they feel compelled to dredge up these B-tier posh british boys to give all of these idiotic two-dimensional characters perceived upperclass gravitas


uhhhhhhh because there were no fucking ninjas in any of the commercials for the first season, the non ninja aspects of the first season were good, the second season was also marketed as blissfully ninja free, and appears to almost be following through on that promise until BLAM ninjas outta fuckin nowhere

at least i’ve been warned about the ninjas in advance with the defenders, because again they are totally fucking missing from the trailers!!!

like, fuck me I guess for assuming the showrunners would have the wisdom to recognize that frank miller bullshit that has been parodied constantly for basically decades should maybe be toned down a bit