The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


… frank millers run is still considered one of the gold standards in DD so… ???


Serafinowicz is Westing it up hard

I am rather enjoying The Tick


Defenders was okay, too much Iron Fist. Glad I skipped that show. I should probably go back and watch Jessica Jones I haven’t seen any of it.

I’ve started watching Arrow it’s so damn cheesy but I like it.


defenders was pretty bad! i do sort of hope that jessica jones s2 is worth checking out (and guess i vaguely hope for a return of kingpin to bring something compelling to daredevil), but i’m pretty much ready to wash my hands of this stuff entirely by now. the hand are the most boring villains: a bunch of lifeless assholes who only want to be immortal. like, who the fuck cares? as much as i like sigourney weaver, her role had nothing on tennant’s killgrave or even d’onofrio’s kingpin… and the rest of them? seriously, who fucking cares about any of these people? elektra was even worse, just a total mess of unclear yet edgy motivation. a shoehorned reason for daredevil to get all stupid and blubbery, making him somehow even more annoying than “the immortal iron fist.” blugh.

btw, is this a place where we can talk about death note? or is that happening elsewhere? anyway i put some thoughts down here:


feeling all of that 100%

the only redeeming thing about elektra (whose character was unbelievably muddy and awful, yes) was that everyone basically pronounced her last name as “nachos” so my wife and I got to refer to her as “the nacho woman”


nothing worse than vague nachos


I still think the ‘born again’ storyline would be a great arc for the DD show minus all the gross stuff happening to Karen Page.

I am a broken record.

You know, I didn’t hate defenders at all, I just thought the enjoyable parts of it didn’t outweigh the annoying bits.

Now Iron Fist, that sure was some hatewatching.


Cleverman is a really good superhero show on Netflix that manages to avoid a lot of the pitfalls with things like Arrow and Daredevil. It’s got good plot beats that are coherent, characters have defined motivation and actually cause things to happen in the story that don’t read as just there to give some dramatic scene.

The best scene in DD S1 is Karen page shooting that guy


I agree!

Except for the fact that Wesley, along with Ben, were the most compelling characters on daredevil and the writers killed them both .


marvel shows have a habit of killing their best characters off to give the heroes or villains something to do that’s dramatic. it’s the opposite problem of actual comics, where the more interesting characters are kept around entirely too long


sometimes I’m glad I never grew up


Whoever’s shooting DEFENDERS actually made the fights worse and Danny Rand more of an idiot they did it they performed a true miracle I am in awe.

For a second I was afraid Daredevil was going to beat up looters but no it turns out he just knows a teevee is nothing to chase someone into the street and murder them over so good job there dude thanks show ok one mark in the good column


The Tick is really more fun than I expected based on the pilot. Being like 6 highly serialized half hour episodes basically makes it into like a weird indie movie almost? I think I said it before but Peter Serafinowicz’s kinda fakey Agent Smith Newscaster American Accent actually fits the character perfectly


oh neat! i didn’t notice that midnight the talking dog was actually the original tick voice from the fox kids show



I tried to watch the inhumans but i started laughing so hard at the young woman whose emergent super power is wearing the wings of a child’s fairy costume and being hoisted up on a wire that I just couldn’t keep going.

Scott Buck, ladies and gentlemen. Who gave this guy another marvel property to wreck?


But this would have looked amazing in IMAX, though, right?


I feel bad for the poor schmucks that paid to see this.

All, like, three of them.

In other news, The Gifted was pretty decent.


i mean actually quite into this and i’m not sure if it’s just the music


Man how did no one ever think to synchronize gun sounds to One.

Looks like it has some (possibly stupid and overdone) gun handling porn, I’m in