The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


it feels so obvious as soon as you see it, and yet–!


princess powerful seems kinda old but i can blame the issues with casting actual little kids i guess

cloak and dagger looks maybe a little better (who can really tell from a trailer) but i’ll check it out

wonder if the mutant characters will still be mutants


Idk as much as I love comic book shows I think they have reached a saturation point.

It doesn’t help that the last few, except The Gifted, have been between sort-of-bad and outright terrible.


yeah it’s a genre i like but there are way, way too many. it’s like westerns used to be. just wall to wall for no reason

Legion in my eyes is unquestionably the best currently running marvel show and will probably remain so for a while but even that one’s kinda walking a tightwire in tone

that said i don’t really have the same kinda fatigue cuz i didn’t watch daredevil 2, iron fist, defenders, inhumans, or gifted, i’m probably done with all their netflix stuff in general, and i haven’t watched agents of shield since the first half of season 1


Agents of shield got so much better after that. Probably the best funny book show barring Legion (the gifted seems pretty promising too but then again I am a sucker for dystopian X-Men stuff)


“better” is not necessarily “good”



Eh, I thought it was good but like, ymmv of course.

Also there is a shotgun/axe in it.

I should also mention that I unabashedly love supergirl and legends as well and hope the flash gets fun again this season.


I went from “agents of shield is ridiculous and makes no sense” to “agents of shield is ridiculous and makes no sense, just like a comic book does” and fuck yeah robbie reyes ghost rider so I’m into season 3. It’s not the greatest show ever made but it’s pretty entertaining. It had highs and lows for sure but I think the lows are just boring not offensively bad like some of the other marvel stuff


supergirl is great


Do I really need to watch all these other shows so I can keep up with the crossovers or can I just keep watching (and making fun of) Arrow on it’s own


Eh, it probably would help if you care about what’s happening in the crossovers, but they seem to always explain what’s going on anyway.

Arrow’s my least favorite of the super operas though so maybe check em out regardless.

Basically, watch Supergirl because it’s awesome and Legends because it’s bonkers and also kind of awesome.


supergirl is great

lowkey, legends of the multiverse or whatever is straight up goofy comic book crossover goodness


The Flash is the only CW show I can stomach, even though I spend half the time groaning at how annoying Barry Allen is and how saccharine and melodramatic everything is. I like when the things go fast

I cannot wait for the new season of Agents of Shield, though, it’s great. they just announced the premiere will be Dec. 1. gonna be some sort of spacey storyline. can’t wait.


It’s hard enough to keep up with the movies, I can’t imagine keeping all these damn shows in my head


Post Traumatic Speedforce Disorder Barry was probably the cringiest thing I’ve seen on the flash and the resolution was eye-rollingly bad but at least they seem to have reset the show back to good times and blue skies so I’m happy about that.


does anyone watch gotham and if so how does alexander siddig pronounce “Ra’s” because i want to know but i don’t want to watch it

edit: i tried to watch one scene and theres like 50 cuts in between each punch to pretend he can fight this is painful



You know, a decade later, I’m still wondering exactly how self aware the writers on Smallville were when they made Bizarro charming and competent and good at relationships as the opposite of Clark’s dumb ass.

EDIT: Honestly, Tom Welling over ten years playing Bizarro, Ultraman, Young Jor-El, possessed by Lionel Luthor, possessed the homecoming queen, possessed by the Fortress of Solitude, and like 8-9 years in when he starts doing a Christoper Reeves style Clark you realize that all of his incredibly bland and miserable acting choices have been…on purpose and it’s like what in the hell


Season 8 I think is when Bryan Q Miller started writing on the sries. He was doing Batgirl for DC at the time I think or shortly after. That’s when I started really liking Smallville as goofy fun and they started to double down on the Christopher Reeve’s Clark and stuff.

Afterwards, Miller did a Smallville Season 11 comic for DC. It had Batman and Batgirl in it: and man was Batman’s costume something.

Also Nightwing was Barbara Gordon


Yeah the last couple seasons with the Justice League and the Wonder Twins and whatnot were had a much more fun/proactive tone.

My favorite episode is the Hangover ripoff at Clark’s bachelor party where Zatanna gives him magic booze that actually works on him and he drunkenly steals the L of the Lexcorp sign and Emil Hamilton and Mercy did Elvis Karaoke