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Miller said they broke every rule the original series heads had set by the end of season 8 and got the full wheelhouse in season 9



The introduction of Plastic Man(!!!) makes it clear that the flash is serious about being fun again.

On an unrelated note, as good as it is to see Danny Trejo in anything I would love to see him cast against type some time, instead of his usual growly, glowering tough guy persona. If I was still in the business I would love to cast him as, idk, a calm, personable judge or something.


actually he’s


Ah I was just going by what Barry said at the end (named by Cisco, natch).

Are they different characters? DC stuff confuses the heck out of me tbh.

Edit: ok duh yes they’re different characters. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of fun easter eggs by not knowing squat about DC history and its’, well, tortured continuity.


Whoa the bachelor/ette party ep of flash was D: on so many levels.

The dangerously thin meta who cries drugs when tortured was by far the worst, though. Kind of surprised that made it through the scripting process, because I got badly triggered by that in a couple different ways.


was surprised to see this week on dctv shows that not only does chloe sullivan from smallville apparently exist in the supergirl univese but themyscira exists on legends of tomorrow


Gosh, you would think Alex and Maggie would have had the kids/no kids discussion before getting engaged and setting a date and having appetizer tastings and such.

I mean, seriously.


the actress wanted to leave so they had to make something up

real shame though

glad they didn’t kill her off at least


Very true.


The reveal at the end of that legends episode was awesome!

Also, that episode felt particularly relevant given the accusations against Kriesberg, which is bumming me out really hard.

Basically, I can’t watch any damned thing that isn’t touched by a fucking rapist scumbag.


it’s weird that ralph dibny was mentioned as one of the people who died in the particle accelerator back in the day, but i guess flashpoint means that whatever they want to be canon can change randomly. also weird that they decided to basically give him plastic man’s personality for the most part


As much as I was excited at the time because of his introduction, the flash show needs about 75-80% less dibny.

I didn’t know they were gonna make him into a regular ffs


spoilers for the upcoming crossover but uh…

damn can they fuckin chill a little bit




I don’t get it?


honestly just not personally in the mood for nazis i guess


That preview image

When you see them all in a boring old row in their vinyl pleather or whatever you wonder what the hell it could have been that made normal people think this was cool again.


oh, okay. Yeah, I can understand that.

I was personally hoping that this Earth X was like Morrison’s interpretation of the antimatter Earth, where up is down and evil ‘wins’ the same way that good does on regular Earth. Crime Syndicate of Amerika, drug addict Flash, that kind of thing.
You could still have double-S Supergirl in such a context - it makes sense that the opposite to the very empathic but somewhat passive Kara raised by a loving family would be an aggressive, bigoted version who fell in with the Extremely Wrong Crowd.
But it looks like they’re just going the full fuehrer. Oh well.

@Father.Torque this stuff isn’t exactly high art, but please don’t be a dick about it.


The Punisher you guys