The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


U into it?


I’m feeling it. I’m feeling John Bernthal in the role. I’m feeling a desperate kid climbing out of a cement mixer where hangs a bag of money painted with the words “LEAVE TOWN”


It’s good but not great. Certainly the most watchable any of these Netflix Marvel shows have been, almost justifies the length too.


I never know which of the 3 threads for watching tv shows but zero threads for watching movies but one movie news thread everyone posts what they watched to post in


“jon bernthal growling supercut” turns up nothing on youtube, ridiculous


How bad is Valiant’s Youtube O Series


man i thought it was weird when they were solving emotional beats on the wrong show on last years crossover but they’re starting with barry allen’s wedding on supergirl and moving arrow around so it can be “part 2” boy dctv crises are exactly as nonsensical as actual ones


okay i do appreciate that at least they gave up all pretense and are just branding the opening of every show as “Crisis on Earth X” with the same titles/font treatment. The idea that they are individual episodes of seperate shows seems like a technicality that will only fuck over folks binging seasons after the fact i guess


Dang I still gotta get caught up on last week’s superoperas.

I don’t hate the punisher, despite being fully ready to after the last couple of marvelflix shows. The character and storyline lend themselves well to their aesthetic, much better than any of the other ones.

Also, Jon Bernthal


shame supergirl’s actress is so perfectly cast as friendly and charismatic and charming that she can’t come close to pulling off evil. she’s like a reverse tom welling

gotta say, despite my griping, the sheer level of DCTVs scale means that they are now pretty talented at staging and executing a cool looking fight with…i dunno…around 20(?) heroes who you’ve actually had time to get invested in and i’m still excited about the level of ambition and spectacle they are able to pull off. thankfully tonally way closer to justice league unlimited than zach snyder’s justice league


The number of literal hero shots so far is hilarious.



Russell Tovey!


i feel that was a bad crossover and it did not improve my bad week at all.


I quite enjoyed it overall.

But why didn’t The Ray stay on earth-1 with earth-x Captain Cold? Idgi. I’d love to see Tovey as a regular on the DCU shows, bad american accent and all.


will maybe be explained in


Agents of SHIELD is back.

with time travel!

agents of s.t.o.k.e.d.


a few episodes into the Punisher show and it’s alright so far (and picking up steam), i do appreciate how they introduce a hackneyed “smart hacker” kind of thing that gets completely dunked on in the second episode. Jon Bernthal really showing why he was literally the only interesting part about Daredevil Season 2 (which for the life of me i barely remember)

“Frank Castle’s Book Club” is gonna be the name of my next bar trivia team

also what the fuck is with these shows and close quarters hallway fights, at least this one doesn’t have any embarrassing martial arts


I don’t think I can handle a whole season of future dystopian cyberpunk agents of shield. I mean, fringe kind of did something similar several years back and I didn’t really dig it then either.

Someone please let me know if they shift gears mid season like they did last time so I can check back in maybe


Agree with this %100. Not only is the current stuff kind of … not that gripping of a concept? I guess? But knowing that they were somehow going to resolve it in 3-4 episodes would actually make me more curious about how it would go down. Plus, like, where you can go from there.


Come to think of it, I was pissed (though I couldn’t articulate why at the time) as a little kid when war of the worlds suddenly shifted to a dystopian cyberpunk future without any kind of explanation.