The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


I know Constantine was terrible but I still think Matt Ryan was a good casting choice so it’s good to see him still hanging around in the DCU.

I wish they’d reboot the show but not as a tepid supernatural knockoff like last time.

Speaking of! A Swamp Thing show would be nice. The vintage tv channel here plays the eighties (?) show at 4am on saturdays and lemme tell you, it is possibly the most incoherent thing I’ve ever seen broadcast.


sensible chuckle @ Jax playing Jax in MK


So apparently Marvel is doing a new animated show that they’re not saying is for girls because they don’t think heroes girls like sell movie tickets but uh

Squirrel Girl is in it so I guess I can’t really say no


The first episode of Black Lightning was pretty good I thought.

I’m ashamed to admit but when I saw James Remar’s name in the opening credits I assumed he would be cast as a villain of some sort and not magical tailor Q/Alfred guy.

Some things were maybe a bit on the nose but 2018 is no time for subtlety.


Been catching a few reruns lately and it is kind of amazing in its own way. Like my favorite so far is the one where Swamp Thing is taking the kid on a swamp tour and then is all “Oh wait that place up there is dangerous but I won’t tell you why! Whoops, go home!”.

So naturally kid comes back and gets bit by a killer bug and is in the hospital and Swamp Thing is feeling guilty so he sneaks in the hospital but then has to hide when nurses come by but it turns out the door he passed through to hide is auto locking! And that’s apparently his great battle for the episode, because the bug hitched a ride with the kid and bites his mom and she catches the bug and now the doctors can make an anti venom and only after this does Swamp Thing finally sneak into kid’s room to give him an IV of Swamp Juice that cures him which is now unnecessary. The whole episode could have happened without Swamp Thing at all.

Otherwise it’s impressive how several episodes seem abrupt, almost like they were writing a full hour show that got cut to a half hour, but then others have asides that seem to be there to pad out the time just to fill a half hour.


I’ll admit it, I had a huge crush on Corinne Bohrer when I was a kid so it was good to see her back as Prank.


Oyyyy again with the pudding?


Heads up, the other half of The Tick is out



Premiered Tuesday. major Twin Peaks vibes in certain scenes. Hawley sure loves his hexagons


Decided to jump ship on Legends of Tomorrow at the start of this season. Just not really into the crew. Snart is a joy, and I generally like The Atom, but that’s not really enough to keep me there.

Want to get back into The Flash, cause I really do love that core cast, but god, that last season arc about the evil Barry killing Iris was soooooo miserable. I am sick of Barry brooding. It’s not at all what I come to this show for.

Couldn’t finish Punisher, Luke Cage, or Jessica Jones despite absolutely loving them for their first few eps. I finished Defenders but that kinda made me not want to watch any more Daredevil if we’re going to be stuck with this ninja garbo.

Elektra miiiight be the worst character in all of Marvel?


I think Legion is just my favorite television show altogether at this point


I decided to finish season 1 after you posted this since I’m still getting over a bug & my wife has been away the past few days and I like it a lot for the most part, glad I went back to it, some of the better superhero metaphors this side of the 70s, on par with JJ with better production design, lots and lots of token vancouver shots, buuuuuuut…

I’m struggling with the idea that the female lead likes him at all? I feel like the showrunners wanted to just sell that in the first episode so that they could take it as unquestioned from there and I’m just not sure. for a relationship that’s in some respects the crux of the show it doesn’t feel earned (narratively or by the characters).

I did like the Bechdel nightmare that was her talking to the projection of his ex-girlfriend inside his head, I actually wrote a couple pages of something very similar years ago


I like that they only save one another in the most literal sense, it’s very clever & deliberate restraint, the leads themselves are great, but


I think… they probably should’ve gotten a woman to write the fourth episode

that probably woulda did it


my gf hates this show.

I mean she isn’t really watching it, but is around when I do, and she made a Bechdel reference about a certain scene in the season 2 premiere. it seems like every time she looks up to pay attention to it it’s something kinda embarrassing.

anyway I watch it for the stunning visuals and the Kubrick worship, but Fargo is a much better Hawley show


my wife walked out of the room about 20 minutes into the first episode but she doesn’t really need a reason to do that

I didn’t like what I saw of the fargo TV series at all, this one at least deserves credit for being pitched to me as “a [show] about mental health” and succeeding at that to such a degree, it just seems like a really obvious case of not enough women in the writer’s room which is a crummy thing to fall down on

it’s funny that they’re so emphatically flexible about gender but they still struggle to actually write women


except aubrey plaza, who is incredible in everything and can pretty much do whatever she wants


I dunno, my other major criticism is how despite the neat cinematography it paints a fairly typical cliche depiction of mental illness as ultra-sexy and hip and self-aware and cool. which makes it seductive to watch but not exactly endearing. Fargo didn’t have this problem at all.


the absolute suffusion of metaphor really makes up for that for me but I guess to each their own