The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


god conceptually that final fight on legends of tomorrow might have out-ticked The Tick

this show is somehow more of a sam raimi show than it has ever been

now that constantine seems to be a more permanent fixture i wonder if they’ll bother to bring in anyone else/any plots from his nbc show


the casual looks of the teen titans characters look like they’re from the generation x tv movie (this is a good thing)

actual costumes look like regular DCTV costumes which is to generally better than dc movie costumes

what a weird world we live in

i mean there are too many superhero shows to bother watching this one when it comes out but i still have not had the basic fascination with live action comic books knocked out of me yet


what is going on with that guy’s neck?

I am a 90’s kid but I do not understand :frowning:


enjoyed last night’s adaptation of saints row 4


Home sick. Tried to watch more PUNISHER. Turns into such listless netflix bingefiller. Sort of fun to think of it technically occuring in the same world all the marvel movies do though. Frank is having ptsd flashbacks and trying to decide who to murder and somewhere Dr. Strange is in a magic fight.


“I despise this vigilante murderer but will double down on wholly supporting all the murderactions of the titular vigulante murderer in my next breath because he murdered the right people” -a character I think this show wants me to like and care about


This is what makes the Defenders series hilarious for me, because they act like the HAND is this big thing, but this all theoretically takes place in a universe where the Avengers movies happen so uh hm.


Climax of Avengers 4: Infinity Forever War Frank Castle enters growling stage left and shoots Thanos with a bullet from a gun.

The big bald smurf extends a gauntled fist to the heavens. “My… one… weakness…”


The most fun “shared universe” part of the DCTV multiverse stuff is honestly how The Flash has not only shown the 1992 show on screen as part of the multiverse but at this point hired literally every(?) recurring actor from it to reprise a version of their role


wait on that streaming service with Titans and new Young Justice there’s gonna be a Swamp Thing show?




you got a superman prequel show krypton, other superman prequel show metropolis about lois and lex in the city before clark, you got supergirl in which superman is a weird side character and she has 99% of his villains

they will literally make every concept except a live action superman show i guess lol


They clearly fear the shadow of Lois and Clark.



Oh for Christ’s sake’s lying down and the jeans are creasing causing the bump. Have you actually ever worn pants?

Any sighted person can look at that part of the video and see his fucking bulge, you twerp. Just because you have a penis the size of a Vienna sausage doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Stop fucking hating.

What bulge??

I wish I was on my knees sucking him while he was stroking my hair.

It’s amazing to me he never did much of anything else of interest other than Lois & Clark.

You know it’s because he’s discriminated against because he’s republican, right?

He was discriminated against because he has no talent.

The Bulge Trolls are insufferable. Grow up and find a mature fixation.

Some of you have stunted minds and act like total creepers.

He looks like he’s packing. As for him being a Republican, it means he votes on the well-being of his fellow Americans rather than just his personal sexual gratification.

He has a lovely bosom and the perkiest of nippage.

At this point he has been really searching for work.

His nipples on Lois & Clark were perfection. It’s like they were about to pop out of the television.


is this where i talk about comics

after watching infinity war, never really having gotten into comics, i had a hankering to read Doctor Strange.
I ended up reading quite a few of the original Stan Lee / Steve Ditko run (including the origin story) but reading the Greg Pak “Doctor Strange: Season One” after that was extremely worth it. it redoes the origin story but adds a ton of depth to the relatively bare-bones sketch given by Stan Lee. plus, it’s astoundingly pretty

the first time Strange actually uses magic is an incredible panel:


man tell me about it. I had the exact same reaction and it led to me ordering the Doctor Strange Omnibus off ebay, which I look forward to beholding


The eternity saga is the high point of steve ditko’s plotting. I guess stan lee filled in some word balloons too but those are mostly to be ignored.


Sooo SHIELD now has full on Graviton (with very accurate costuming) and has acknowledged (thru alien Intel) Thanos’s invasion as being imminent. The snap will be felt on the little screen too, I’ve little doubt


I don’t even watch the show but I’m SUPER curious as to what they are going to do with Infinity War especially since all the other MCU shows will likely just ignore it to be safe. Like only a time jump really makes sense unless they are somehow really going to do a whole next season with…those consequences. I mean Winter Soldier did directly change the shape of the whole show but just logistically you can’t lose half of a contracted television cast