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judging the performances given in agents of shield lately you could effectively rule out these characters getting wiped out with any life in the galaxy




Hope the consequences of Thanos Busts Loose are explored as thoroughly as the Winter Soldier HYDRA stuff informed earlier seasons


oh snap

this can only mean that s5 will end with the catastrophic fall out from IW and s6 will deal with the fallout of A4.


Holy shit that finale. If that had been the actual series finale it was written to be I would have been bawling like a little babby boy. Knowing there will be a little more in a year, I more just quietly wept like a mopey teen who got dumped on prom night. The dark reservoir of sadness masked by the need to Be Chill.

But seriously, spoilers no snap, but I’m glad because if they had done that it would have been emotional overkill. What they did instead was just write the best damn finale a show like this could possibly have.


the kinda corny stuff that every crime show has i can get over but i’m really still struggling to believe that black lightning has static shock style narrative greek chorus raps on the soundtrack

i kinda hope someone does that terrible idea right one day tbh lol


Man what is up with Legion (tw)

you have farouk, a guy who repeatedly raped lenny and who knows how many others, syd, who stole her moms body to have sex with her boyfriend, and now david wipes syd’s memory so he can sexually assault her. such a shame that hawley wants to hang so much flavor(?) on this kind of trauma. also a shame that ptonomy is just in the matrix now and not really a part of the show. i like so much about this show but it’s starting to feel like the worst elements of the era of comics it came from are creeping in at the edges


yeah this season is really testing me


Man nobody told me Flash s4 was so much fun. I had lost interest after the kinda dreadful s3. The Thinker is the best villain yet


you know i watched legends of tomorrow and black lightning but after winter break i basically gave up on all the other dc shows and i feel that now despite their incredibly heavy serialization and interconnectedness i’ll just read summaries and dip in whenever

they’ve finally replicated the true comic book reader experience


the entertainment i’m getting from searching social media for people dunking on luke cages awful dab justifies the entire seasons budget tbh



This is the shows boldest “how do you do fellow kids” moment yet!


Not exactly Dab of the Year


The second episode of the new season of Luke Cage features a performance by Gary Clark Jr, whose backing guitarist is sporting a vintage Diné necklace that I’ve personally restrung twice. Therefore, by extension, I exist in the MCU. I am canon.

Look for my future MCU appearances as The Unseen Guy Who Reset The Stone On Doctor Strange’s Ring and The Unseen Guy Who Replaced Jessica Jones’ Watch Battery.


I supported the patreon of the guy who got into making swords full time by making Heimdall’s big stupid sword for Thor 1 (after some marvel jerks stumbled across he and his then-partner’s work on the internet) but then he dropped some comments about how he thought Jordan Peterson Had Some Real Good Ideas That Need To Be Heard Right Now and I decided the occasional choice leather-tooling tip I got out of it wasn’t worth giving him $ anymore :woman_shrugging:


uh, lol


wonder if batman will show up on titans or that batwoman show first


“fuck batman”

Ahahaha oh man


how many episodes before robin fucks


on average 22 episodes a season, episode 69 would land at the begining of season 4