The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


ok my radar for these comic book things is pretty uncalibrated but is there any part of this that doesn’t look like total balls




when smallville had the justice league and darkseid before superman existed it was wild but now gotham is straight up putting the DKR mutants in before batman exists and i respect that level of “who cares” even if i don’t watch the show


robotman from doom patrol looks kinda like a super sentai character which is a huge step up from their dire looking red tornado

wonder if they’re gonna fancy him up with cg


damn arrow really trying to trick me into coming back by bringing back the vinnie jones and michael jai white characters in prison with oliver


Blood & Bone pt. 2?



So is “let the devil out” code for “let the dong hang out” or… ?


R.I.P. Me.



watched the whole goddamn thing and not one sign of that dick


did yall see this yet










A lot going on there.


okay the flash had already brought back literally every single cast member from the 90s show to reprise “this earth’s” version of their role and they showed the 90s flash onscreen as part of the multiverse but just straight up having 90s flash in the crossover is still rad


Every time I see that picture I think, “man, Stephen Amell just doesn’t look comfortable in that costume.”