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Their really making a Cloak and Dagger show that’s weird

Also that weird X-Men FX show Legion looks strange

Flashpoint sucked in the comics it sucks on screen and all this time travel garbage is really making The Flash miserable. I’m not a stickler for consistent time travel rules as long as shit is entertaining but there doesn’t even seem to even be any narrative reason to do it this way. At this point it’s like going back to the Wayne Murder over and over only to make it more terrifying for them each time. Phooey

Luke Cage is corny and pulpy in a kind of good way, but it still suffers from having to be tied to the Avengers and whatnot. I kinda wish all the defenders stuff was just it’s own thing


I have this unshakable daydream about adapting The Filth for the small/streamed screen


the writing on luke cage is all over the damn place, I put it down around episode 7 when cottonmouth was like “now you’re working for me!” and luke cage was like “aw OK” because it was just too damn much


Okay I do appreciate that on the Flash this week they brought in Mendez which means that basically all the cast of the original 1990 Flash have reprised their roles on this show’s universe which is a neat touch


I heard they’re doing a second season of The Tick on Amazon.


Only up through ep 5 of Luke Cage but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far, mostly due to Mike Colter’s likability (a rarity for me on these kinds of shows, Agents of SHIELD notwithstanding), and the brilliant soundtrack.

As a palate cleanser I’ve been watching Supergirl at the same time because I’m a sucker for super soap operas.


But the effects budget


but they haven’t even done the first season yet D:


Arrow is about as good as is possible at this point, I suppose. Tonight was one of the ones where they kind of go all out on inventing creative action sequences so that was fun at least. I really kind of think all these Greg Berlanti DC shows might only have one and a half seasons of good ideas in them though. I hope Supergirl is a little better at it at least.

The biggest problem is putting Ollie and Barry through the exact same emotional arcs over and over again. They are pretty bad at that.


Arrow got better? Season 3 was abysmal and I heard 4 was unbearably bad


If you didn’t like it then you won’t like it now


Obviously paying tribute to the comic book origins!


Is Speedy addicted to drugs yet or did that get messed up by the Red Arrow/Arsenal thing?


She was already a junkie in season 1 ( and pre-series flashbacks)


Oh yeah

Oliver played it off pretty light though

I’d wanna see this



I know I watch too much sci fi TV because I’m starting to recognize and remember all the building interior sets in British Columbia



Looking forward to DEFENDERS being 3 superpunchers and one better-than-usualpuncher who is also kind of an acrobat and blind-but-not-really.

All I can really remember about Jessica Jones is how great her hair was.