The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


I hope this is as connected to the X-Men movies as little as possible or not at all because it actually looks watchable


It’s by Noah Hawley of the superlative Fargo TV show so I’m definitely going to check it out if nothing else. Same cinematographer too.


The Jimmy romance thing is still kind of whatever but boy that was a real neat Supergirl. They actually brought in Superman in a way that didn’t overshadow her and fit in naturally with the one or two character traits he had when he was a gchat window. That kid from Road to Perdition/Teen Wolf is Clark and not that there is a lot of competition but he is definitely the second best live action superman behind Dean Cain AKA the best. They must be working overtime to make Vancouver look that sunny after the move from LA. Glad the budget didn’t take a huge hit, apparently. Nice to have at least one fun playful superhero ass superhero show now that Flash is in angst-town.


I finished Luke Cage. Outside of some weird plot holes I really enjoyed it.


the flash is the worst time travel story i have ever watched on purpose and it’s terrible butterfly effects are rippling into other shows too fuck rip baby sara

this is starting to remind me too much of all the dumb time travel shit from heroes and i thought we were out of that era

this show kind of raised the bar for what a tv superhero show could do so it kind of sucks that these days the writers really cannot link let’s say more than six episodes together in a coherent way


Legends of Tomorrow on the other hand is still a very fun time travel story and at this point is basically a Sam Raimi show from the 90s with more money. Really fun stuff! Although I do hate that TV shows are like comic books now where you have to watch a bad one to fully appreciate a good one but on the other hand, being able to use any villain from the other shows is a lot of fun. This level of superhero nonsense and deep DC dives on TV would have been impossible in live action like ten years ago so I will take it.


Also it feels weird when like LOT or Supergirl make a Smallville reference. Like I guess in my head it’s weird that Smallville is now just another on the pile of the many old DC things that someone could make reference to


Arrow seems to have learned a lot from criticism of the last few seasons I guess because they’re making the flashbacks directly relevant to the story again and aren’t dragging out drama for drama’s sake. They are really impressively integrating close to ten(?) new characters overall. They’re getting the formula right again.

Still honestly wonder what anyone who doesn’t watch The Flash thinks of the “previously” with John’s baby changing to another baby because of time travel.

Flash seems like it’s really trying to dig out of the hole they set up for themselves by being charming and having everyone half ignore it but it might take a season to get back on track. I think 22 episode is probably just too many for these people tbh

I almost want Supergirl’s Superman to have his own show but they way they’ve written Supergirl, there really wouldn’t be enough villains/characters left to share I think.


Supergirl getting into the nuts and bolts of the politics and social implications of ETs Alien Nation style is extremely my shit

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Yeah at this point almost everyone is totally ignoring the emotional implications of Flashpoint and just having fun so whatever I’m good until the next time they ruin it for no reason. The Wells scene tonight convinced me that Tom Cavanaugh and the writers of this show are able to be equally or more corny than letting Brent Spiner ham it up on TNG and I’m grateful for that.


Got stuck watching Luke Cage because despite liking it a bunch it feels terribly padded, but then again I often feel like this reading super comics. I’ve always hated the second/third act “bring the hero low so he/she can rise up triumphantly and finally beat the bad guy” trope. Basically, I’m getting bored and just wanna fast forward to the part where Luke finally kicks the shit out of Diamondback. Gonna stick with it probably just because I have a massive crush on Simone Missick.

I’ve also been catching up on last season’s super operas and the Flash/Arrow crossover is fun times.

(My current hypothesis, which I’m sure will be proven wrong as usual, is that once Zoom takes off his mask and Tony Todd voice modulator he will reveal himself to be earth 2 Barry Allen.)


which episodes of arrow is wild dog in


He hasn’t shown up yet through ep 7 of season 4, so definitely some time after that?

Going to take this opportunity to say that Neal McDonough is a pretty great bad guy


he’s a regular this season. so far he’s in all/most of them


Legends of Tomorrow doing a real po-faced slavery plot about Black identity at the same time as an Alien ripoff and a Zombie movie is kind of next level pulp. The suspense was really well tuned even if the tone was nuts. The idea that the slave recognized Vixen’s magic nonsense necklace from Prentendia in Africa. The balls to have Follow the Drinking Gourd play as a Spaceship flies past the little dipper as a capper. Shit is wild. I think I need like a month to process it


I’m really dreading the Infinite Crisis that I feel is coming to justify Supergirl being on the CW. I know that it’s a thing that Season one had looming in Wells hidden sanctum and freaking Geoff Johns is helming the CWverse now so I’m not hopeful.

I just want the Flash to be as fun as it was in season one again


Hopefully, since travelling to different Earths seems basically like walking down the street with the breaches, they won’t feel the need to put them together?


I gotta say re:arrow Dolph Lundgren’s fake Russian accent has really improved over the last 30 yrs

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Finished the previous seasons of Flash and Arrow, respectively, and started the current seasons. I agree with Sleazy that flashpoint is some silly shit for sure.

I also finished Luke Cage and couldn’t help but be disappointed in the ending since the beginning was so good. Still, I enjoyed it, if for no other reason than Luke saving Method Man, which confirms him as MCU canon.

Hey is that Moon Knight show I heard rumors of confirmed?

Fucking love Moon Knight.